Understanding Part-Time Employment

Examining Motivations for Part-Time Work


​An increasing number of people are working part-time by choice, driven by a desire for flexibility, their age and semi-retired status, better health or more time to devote to interests outside of work. Given this shift, organizations would benefit from a better understanding of two things: how part-time workers can contribute to their company’s success, and how employers can appeal to talent that prefers this type of work.

To explore this expanding part of the workforce, SHRM conducted a survey, sponsored by UPS, of 1,033 employed part-time workers in varying industries across the U.S. (not independent contractors or gig workers) to understand 1) why they work part-time, 2) what factors may motivate them to remain with their organization, and 3) which employer-provided benefits are most important to them and their part-time employee experience.

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