Recertification At-a-Glance

As a SHRM Certification-holder you have two options for recertification:

Earn 60 professional development credits (PDCs) within your 3-year recertification cycle

Re-take the certification exam within the last year of your recertification cycle

Your initial recertification cycle starts the day you pass the exam and ends 3 years later, on the last day of your birth month.

NOTE: To avoid the applicable late fee, certificants must have achieved the required PDCs and submitted a paid recertification application by the recertification end date (certificant's birth month in year 3 of their recertification cycle).  

GRACE PERIOD: While certificants can complete their PDC requirements within the 60-day grace period between their end date and prior to their expiration date, they must pay both the recertification fee as well as the applicable late fee.


  • Candidate's birth month is July

  • Candidate takes and passes the exam on May 3, 2019

  • Initial recertification cycle start date: May 3, 2019

  • Cycle end date: July 31, 2022

  • Cycle expiration:  September 30, 2022

Review the SHRM Recertification Requirements Handbook 2022.



If you choose to recertify with PDCs you must:

  1. Earn 60 PDCs within your 3-year recertification cycle.

  2. Enter your PDCs in your SHRM certification portal.

  3. Submit your completed recertification record preferably by your end-date, but definitely by your expiration date. 

  4. Pay the applicable recertification processing fee.*

You may submit your completed recertification record one year into your 3-year cycle. If you recertify early, your new cycle will start the next day. Your end date will not change.

If you earn more than 60 PDCs during your cycle, you may carry over up to 20 excess PDCs to your new cycle.

Learn more about how to recertify with PDCs:

Qualifying Activities

How to Enter PDCs


If you choose to recertify by exam, you must:

  1. Take the exam no earlier than 12 months before the end of your 3-year recertification cycle.

  2. Retest at your current certification level.

  3. Complete the full exam application process.

  4. Pay the applicable examination fee.

If you do not pass the exam your credential will be revoked, and you will have to reapply, test and pass the exam to regain your SHRM certification status. Additionally, you will not be able to pursue recertification with PDCs. 

If you plan on selecting this option, please contact for additional assistance.



​Fee Type
​$100 USD
​$150 USD
​$150 USD
​$200 USD


Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Late fee applies to completed records submitted during the 60 day grace period (after the cycle end date and before the expiration date).