Education Programs

For those looking for facilitated and structured guidance as they prepare, SHRM offers preparation courses led by SHRM-certified instructors, who combine the SHRM Learning System with their teaching to facilitate a comprehensive and detailed review of the current SHRM BoCK. These expert instructors will help you to identify areas of strength—and build on them—as well as areas in which you need further concentrated study in preparation for either certification exam.

  • Led by highly experienced and engaging SHRM-certified instructors.
  • Classes are taught at a structured pace so you can absorb and understand the material.
  • Peer discussions and real-world experiences help reinforce learning materials.
  • Courses provide an opportunity to network with other HR professionals.
  • Outside-the-classroom assignments help reinforce sessions.
  • Sample test questions, preparation techniques and periodic progress checks keep you confident in your studies.
Ideal for those who prefer a structured learning environment.

SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP credential-holders may earn up to 22 (in-person), 20.5 (7-week virtual) or 27.5 (9-week virtual) PDCs for recertification when attending a SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Seminar for professional development only.


Program Materials
Program fee includes the 2019 SHRM Learning System.

To register by phone, fax or mail, click here.

These seminars are not a substitute for certification examination. If you wish to take the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP examination, you must complete a separate application form at

Note: To ensure that you receive your copy of the 2018 SHRM Learning System before attending the seminar, SHRM must process your registration at least two weeks in advance of your seminar date. You should receive the materials within a week of registering for the course.

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3-Day In-Person Seminars 
April 6-8 | Nashville, TN
April 8-10 | Alexandria, VA
April 8-10 | Dallas, TX
April 8-10 | Phoenix, AZ
April 10-12 | San Francisco, CA
April 10-12 | Tampa, FL
April 22-24 | New Orleans, LA
April 23-25 | Boston, MA
May 6-8 | Charleston, SC
May 6-8 | Chicago, IL
May 6-8 | Denver, CO
May 8-10 | Alexandria, VA
May 13-15 | Los Angeles, CA
May 14-16 | Louisville, TN
May 29-31 | Seattle, WA
May 29-31 | St. Louis, MO
June 3-5 | Alexandria, VA
June 3-5 | Austin, TX
June 5-7 | San Francisco, CA
June 10-12 | New York City, NY

In-Person Seminar Investment**





7-Week Session
(Held Tues. and Thurs or Mon. and Wed.)

February 25, 2019-April 15, 2019 | 7-9 PM ET
March 11-April 29 | 7-9 PM ET
March 26-May 14 | 6-8 ET
April 2-May 21 | 7-9 PM ET
April 3-May 22 | 7-9 PM ET
April 11-May 30 | 7-9 PM ET
April 23-June 11 | 12-2ET
May 8-July 1 | 7-9 PM ET

9-Week Session 
(Held Sat.)

March 9-May 11 | 11-2 ET
March 30-June 15 | 2-5 ET

Virtual Seminar Investment



*Dates and locations are subject to change.
**These are SHRM Seminar prices only and do not apply to the courses at SHRM conferences.