Student Eligibility

Students enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s HR degree program at an educational institution aligned to SHRM’s curriculum guidelines are eligible to apply for the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) exam.

Eligible Students:

  • Must be in their final year of study in the HR degree program
  • Must have a minimum of 500 hours of relevant HR experience



Qualifying Relevant HR Experiences:

  • Internships in HR
  • HR work-study assignments
  • Directed HR work-related projects
  • Directed HR research-related projects
  • Supervised independent study in HR
  • Part-time or full-time work in HR

See a current listing of approved HR degree programs at directory. Contact your university’s HR program director or administrator to obtain application procedure details and to start the exam application process. Please see the Student Eligibility flyer for additional information.  

If you have further questions about student eligibility, please contact us at

Colleges and universities that have bachelor’s or master’s programs approved by SHRM’s Academic Initiatives Department as being aligned to SHRM’s curriculum guidelines may exclusively participate in a new program. This program allows students enrolled in their final year of an HR degree program to apply for and take the SHRM-CP exam.


  1. Each qualifying university participating in the program will identify a single point of contact (POC).

  2. The POC is responsible for identifying students who meet the eligibility requirements, which include:

    • Students must be in their final year of study in a bachelor's or master's HR degree that aligns with SHRM's curriculum guidelines.

    • Students must have at least 500 hours of relevant experience (internship or practical HR experience).

    • Students must be in good standing.

  3. The POC will send a roster of eligible students from each participating school to SHRM.

  4. The POC will be required to reaffirm adherence to the program guidelines annually and to realign the curriculum with the SHRM guidelines as required.

  5. SHRM will create a profile that allows students to apply for the exam.


SHRM will provide a program guide to any college/university aligned to SHRM's curriculum guidelines.

University faculty members or administrators can request a webcast recording which outlines the program and describes its requirements in detail.

SHRM will provide students with instructions on how to properly document the required 500 hours of relevant HR experience.

SHRM encourages HR faculty members to share information about certification and certification preparation scholarships available through the SHRM Foundation or the local SHRM Chapter or State Council.

Attention, HR Professors! If you are interested in aligning your college's or university's bachelor's or master's in HR with SHRM's curriculum guidelines, please contact us at