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Get real-time, HR-reported compensation data reports.

To attract and retain top talent you must offer competitive salary and benefit packages. Ensure your organization measures up with our powered single salary reports.

Search from 15,000+ job titles, across 225 industries. Customize each report by industry, geographic location, and company size (revenue and FTEs).

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Get Employer-Reported Compensation Data You Can Trust: 
Stay competitive by leveraging one of the most trusted sources of HR-reported pay data in the market, combined with proprietary machine learning-powered insights, resulting in prices for every job in every pay market – even those not found in traditional surveys.

Make Sure Your Pricing Stays Competitive: HR-reported pay data is continuously updated to ensure you're always pricing against the most accurate data in every market. No more waiting for data to be updated annually!

Better Data Alignment: 
With four types of data integrated into CompAnalyst®'s taxonomy, you can easily align the right data with your business' needs.

Smarter Matches: 
With AI-driven matching insights from our customers, you can make smarter job matches across your data sources.

More Accurate Prices: 
With better data and smarter matches, you can deliver unparalleled pricing accuracy to teams across your business.

Market Data: 
CompAnalyst®'s HR-reported global pay data leverages traditional compensation survey data, along with machine learning-powered insights, to deliver market pay rates across hundreds of thousands of scopes and 16 countries.

IPAS and Compdata Surveys:'s global IPAS surveys, combined with Compdata's deep survey coverage of the U.S. comp and benefits market, deliver real-time competitive intelligence across 14 industries and 100 countries.

Executive Pay Data: 
CompAnalyst®'s executive pay data analyzes information from 50,000 named executives across the U.S. to deliver comprehensive peer-to-peer insights into executive compensation packages.


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  2. Determine if the compensation data is available.
  3. Click on the Start Customizong My Report Now green button above and then Input the number of reports you need in the quantity box.
  4. Click the "Add to Cart" button.

A link that will give you access to CompAnalyst to run your report(s) will be provided to you on the Confirmation page, as well as in the Confirmation email.

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