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Navigating the Business Unusual to the Next Normal'!

Prithvi Shergill, Chief Business Officer - KPISoft Technologies
Jaclyn Lee, Chief Human Resources Officer, SUTD 
  • Analysing risks related to work, worker and workplaces while returning to work
  • Leveraging data and technology to help phased return to work and achieve efficiencies keeping in mind new norms of working such as contact tracing, travel history, social distancing.
  • Provisions to be considered to best protect lives and livelihoods
  • Leveraging communication channels to inspire collaboration
  • Enabling learning of new skills and growth towards aspired careers which influence and impact productivity and performance in the next normal
  • Managing contribution by building capability


4, 2020

Managers the Saviours: Why Managerial Development must be a Top Priority in 2020

Ajay Bhatt, President - Global HR - Intas Pharmaceuticals
Pramath Raj Sinha, Founder and Chairman, Harappa Education
  • Learn how to develop a cadre of managers who can lead from the front
  • Understand the key focus areas for effective managerial development
  • Understand how to make this learning more real and integrated with the realities of the workplace


26, 2020

HXM and the New Reality of Work

Rangika Abeynayake, Head of HR Processes & Systems - Assistant Vice President, John Keels
Parul Thakuria, HR Digital Transformation Advisor SAP SuccessFactors for EMEA & APJ
Akshay Jadhav, HR Solution Advisor, SAP
  • Understand what people experience is and how it's different from employee engagement
  • Tips on how to get people experience delivered in your organization
  • The effectiveness of using technology for delivery of people experience
  • Practical challenges faced and how to overcome them.


22, 2020

The Rise of the Generation-R Preparing Workplace for the returning Workforce

Sanjay Dutt, SVP & Global Head - Capability Development, EXL.
Shaakun Khanna, Head of Human Capital Management Applications, Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation.
  • How employee habits beliefs and expectations have evolved over the past few months
  • How organization are re-looking at their talent priorities to cater to the new normal
  • How HR can maximize the organizational performance in the new normal of flexi workplace and work


21, 2020

Balancing Flexibility with Productivity: Getting it right with evolved WFM strategies

Indira Sovakar, SVP HR at Genpact
Sumeet Doshi,
Sr. Director and Country Manager - India, Kronos Incorporated

  • New productivity norms while handling the virtual workforce
  • Evolved policies and processes for remote working, flexible working, split shifts etc.
  • Technological advancements for easy activation and configurability of new workforce strategies like staggered shifts, remote working, reduced work weeks, combination of remote / on - premise working modes


20, 2020

Building a resilient organization: Winning during COVID times!

Alexander Reisch, Managing Director, IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited.
Dr. Sumit Mitra, CEO, Tesco Business Services & Tesco Bengaluru
  • As a leader, can you effectively lead employees to be resilient and minimize the potentially negative impact of this crisis on morale and productivity?
  • As HR, do your employees expect more than - set of policies, motivation and critical information, from you ?
  • And am I doing enough to keep myself updated, relevant and prepared to handle and come out victorious as an employee through this crisis?


29, 2020

How well are your employees coping with Covid 19? Are you Measuring, Monitoring and Supporting Mental Wellness?

Dr. Evian Gordon, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Total Brain
Tara M. Cardi, Director of Human Capital Performance, Total Brain
Garrett Walker, CHRO and HR Practice Leader, Total Brain
DP Singh, Chief advisor, India at HR Policy Association
  • How it is possible to build resilience, positive thinking, improve focus and sound mental health among employees
  • How to use wellness programs lower individual and organizational stress.
  • How to maintain and improve our personal and professional lives.
  • Applying neuroscience advances for mental wellness in a remote, isolated work environment


23, 2020

Managing Workforce in times of Uncertainty

Sumeet Doshi, Sr. Director & Country Manager - India, Kronos Incorporated
Neeraj Kumar, Head HR APAC - Conduen
  • How to effectively manage workforce and maintain business continuity especially during times of uncertainty?
  • How to manage change and help employees / organizations to keep up with ambiguity?
  • How can technology play a key role in responding to these changes


22, 2020

Emerging Stronger from Crisis: Role of HR 

Manu N Wadhwa, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sony Pictures & Networks India
  • Supporting employees to be productive in this distributed work environment
  • Equipping managers to effectively lead in this environment
  • Changing role of HR to be able to align with changing business priorities in this work environment
  • Taking tough people decisions: While some decisions may be inevitable, how can we ensure we are humane while doing so
  • Possible areas through which HR can support the business through cost rationalization


13, 2020

Tackling COVID-19 Workplace Challenges - Open Mic with Experts

Vikram Shroff, Head HR Laws (Employment & Labour) at Nishith Desai Associates
Dr. Lavanya Aribandi, Chief Medical Officer, Ekincare
Nishith Upadhyaya, Head - Advisory Services, SHRM India

Limit your employer's risk by arming yourself with the critical facts and strategies to manage throughout this global crisis.


19, 2020

Selecting the Right Coach

Jyothi Dass, Learning Solutions Consultant - C2COD
Shaleel Nalakath, Consultant - C2COD

  1. What challenges are faced when hiring coaches?
  2. What do those looking to hiring coaches look for?
  3. What should we actually be looking for?
  4. How can we identify those factors when we interact with the coach?


5, 2020

The AI & Empathy Imperative
Leveraging AI for invoking empathy in Organizations

Ajay Bhatt, President - Global Human Resources - Intas Pharmaceuticals.
Shaakun Khanna, Head of Human Capital Management Applications, Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation.

  1. Explore synergies of Artificial intelligence and Empathy (EI)
  2. Learn about the AI powered HR organization
  3. Hear thought leaders on how we can invoke empathy in organizations in the age of AI
  4. Appreciate how data, analytics and insights would lead to more empathetic decision-making at the workplace


25, 2020

India Inc. is innovating on Employee Wellness. Hear to our experts to know “WHAT” AND “HOW” OF IT!

Swati Rao, Associate Director, HealthifyMe
Bhavana Hiremath, CSenior Manager - C&B, India, SSA and ME, Kohler India Corp Pvt. Ltd.
Ashish Mediratta, Tata Communications

  1. Get access to some of the best research and point of views around the topic
  2. Hear from experts and practioners who have implemented innovative wellness initiatives
  3. Understand the "What" and "How" of Employee Wellness
  4. Get to give your opinion through Live Polls on topics related to Employee Wellness


5, 2020

From Chief People Officer to Chief Employee Experience Officer

Dr. Raju Mistry, Global Chief People Officer, Cipla 
Praveen Menon, Chief People Officer at IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Ltd
Deepak Mishra, Head Corporate HR, United Breweries Limited

  1. Creating an employee experience is all about enabling a culture of seamless collaboration. Collaboration which talks to the heart and mind of the employees by integrating cross functional expertise and aligning the employee cycle. It is impossible to think of this revolution without the use of technology at the center of everything touching employees.
  2. Employee experience is an overlapping soft spot between Engagement, Empowerment and Enablement. The journey is not just a onetime event but an ongoing process which needs to be co-created with employees and needs to be iterative and highly adaptable in nature.
  3. Employee experience is a well-crafted strategy that has a definition for each step of employee life cycle and accountability defined with specific actions. It does need millions to be invested but needs a little extra attention of leaders.
  4. Many progressive organizations have started to use technologies like AI, big data to their advantage to solve employee challenges and solve their problems for creating an employee experience!


22, 2020



HR Discipline

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Taking Happiness, Engagement and Well-being Center stage for better profitability

Mahdi Shehimy, Director - Special Projects, HONO HR
Ayaskant Sarangi, Senior VP - Human Resources, Wipro Limited
Randeep Singh, Head of Business Operations, HONO HR

  1. What is the relationship between Happiness, Engagement and Wellbeing?
  2. How do these parameters influence productivity and the bottom line?
  3. What are the current industry practices regarding Engagement and Wellness?
  4. How to make Engagement and Wellbeing an integral part of their business strategy
  5. How to design and implement successful Engagement and Wellness programs


19, 2019

Time for re-looking at your HRIS

Rahul Dhatariya, AVP Global Workforce Analytics & HR Technology at Tata Communications Ltd
Kashish Kapoor, Head ( AVP) HR - NEC Technologies India Pvt Ltd at NEC Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Ashissh Kaul, Associate Director - Knowledge and Advisory, SHRM India

  1. Avoiding common pitfalls and challenges in implementing an HRIS
  2. How do you know when to look for a replacement/upgrade to your existing HRIS?
  3. Merits of cloud vs. in-premise
  4. Customizing business process for the software or customizing software to suit business context. Which is better?
  5. Staffing for the HRIS team


28, 2019

Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Competition or Inter-dependence?

Saurabh Deep Singla, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Ecom Express Private Limited
Shaakun Khanna, Head - Head of Human Capital Management Applications, Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation
Ashissh Kaul, Associate Director - Knowledge and Advisory, SHRM India

  1. Possibilities of Leveraging AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning in reinventing HR
  2. Assess your organization's readiness for adopting AI powered HR solutions
  3. Hear from the visionary leaders who are the torch bearers and the proponents of AI powered HR
  4. Learn about how you can enhance organization's effectiveness with technologies shaping the future


22, 2019

The Future of Work in India: What's New & What's Next in Workforce Management

Rajeev Bhadauria, Managing Partner, Ebullient
Nishith Upadhyaya, Head - Advisory Services, SHRM India
Vanaja Kodungallur, Head Marketing, Kronos

  1. Factors shaping the future of workforce management in India
  2. Impact of effective workforce management solutions on Compliance, Cost and Productivity for Indian Employers
  3. How to empower managers with Best practices to accelerate employee engagement and drive business results


06, 2019

The Mind of a Leader: Be a Leader who is Emotionally Resilient

Preethi B Rao,
Head of Learning Effectiveness with C2C OD Consulting 
Arpita Saxena
Senior Knowledge Advisor, SHRM India
  1. Learn how to leverage five methods of learning to engage the adult learner that you can use to apply to your own instructional design
  2. Be introduced to a new model for leadership that includes eight core competencies in addition to Emotional Resiliency
  3. Experience a new approach to core leadership concepts


22, 2019

Breaking The Bias Bubble

Dr. Sunita


25, 2019

Meet my Workplace With Vodafone Idea

Suvamoy Roy Choudhury ,
Chief Human Resource Officer, Vodafone Idea

  1. How to connect all employees within an organisation onto one collaboration and communication tool?
  2. How to take advantage of changing the environments to bring together an organisation?
  3. How to use video to scale your learning and training programs?
  4. How to share best practices across large numbers of decentralised locations, offices or branches?


10, 2019

Best Practice Sharing by Winning Organizations

Abhishek Ranjan ,
Associate Director and Global Head - Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (CSR) & Employee Volunteering | Brillio

Chandrashekarr B S ,
Head - Compensation and Benefits | Adobe Systems India 

Nishith Upadhyaya ,
SHRM-SCP Head Knowledge and Advisory Services, SHRM India 

Perzine Dadyburjor ,
Associate Director - Knowledge & Advisory APAC & MENA | SHRM  

  1. Brillio - Winner of 'Excellence in Community Impact'
  2. Adobe Systems India - Winner in 'Excellence in Health & Wellness'
  3. Hear from them what sets the best from the rest.
  4. Gain insights on showcasing your processes/policies and be recognised as a "Best Practice Organisation"


28, 2019

Building a Coaching Culture

Girish Venkataraman ,
Director, Corporate HR, OLA

Anila Nair ,
Total Well-being & Life Balance Coach, HR Solution Advisor, SAP India 

Bidisha Banerjee ,
Group VP Learning Culture & Employer Branding - Welspun Group 

  1. How Organizations are expanding their coaching culture in a number of ways
  2. How can coaching be embedded in talent and performance management processes
  3. How can organizations develop leaders and managers at all levels to be coaches
  4. Senior leaders and their role in communicating and leading coaching efforts in the company
  5. Using incentives and rewards and technology to reinforce demonstrated coaching behaviours


28, 2019

R&R Strategies for Manager and Leadership: Recognition Matters at All Levels - An Overview

Pooja Atal Singh ,
Sr. Director, People Strategy at Publicis Sapient

  1. Decode the future of leadership and manager engagement - R&R strategies
  2. Leadership and managers involvement in driving engagement at workplace
  3. Key drivers for leadership and manager engagement


16, 2019

Key insights & trends to watch out for in the wake of recent layoffs and in ever changing Workforce landscape

Amy Stern ,
Managing Director, Research and Strategy, BI WORLDWIDE

  1. Decode the future of workforce engagement - key rules & trends
  2. The impact of layoffs on the workforce - research & study
  3. Building an engagement map to understand what drives engagement at your workplace


09, 2019

Changing face of Recognition & Rewards

Indrajeet Sengupta ,
Executive Director & CHRO,Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages

  1. Decode the future of workforce engagement - key R&R strategies
  2. The impact of technology advancements in redefining the workforce engagement
  3. The role of employee experience in building an inspiring culture of recognition


02, 2019

Are you still Evaluating Performance? Time to move from Evaluation to Inspiration!

Anupam Kaura ,
President, Human Resources, CRISIL Limited

Raghu Pant ,
Senior Value Advisor, Industry Value Engineering, SAP

  1. Learn about what Organizations wanting to make real improvements to their PM processes do differently
  2. Why Goals and progress should be at the center of PM instead of ratings, pay-for-performance and di­fferentiation
  3. What would a scientific Performance Management system look like
  4. How to coach for performance as against performance evaluation


27, 2019

Shift of the Talent Equation from Manager led to Empowered Employees

Bidisha Banerjee ,
VP Learning, Culture & Employer Branding at Welspun Group.

Adhir Mane ,
CHRO - Lifestyle Business Raymond Ltd.

Saratchandra Panganamamula 
Head - SAP HCM & SF Service Line at YASH Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  1. Explore why it makes business sense to empower employees
  2. Learn how to build a    culture of empowerment
  3. Growth mind-set as an enabler of autonomy
  4. Role of technology in enabling the power shift


31, 2019

Design Thinking for HR Transformation

Gajendra Chandel ,
Former President & CHRO - Tata Motors

Tushar Vaidya ,
General Manager - Talent Management, Leadership Development & OD - Mahindra & Mahindra (FSS Sector)

Nithyanandini Subburaj, 
Sr. HR Value Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors
  1. Understanding, envisioning and designing how employees experience work
  2. Perceiving the employer-employee relationship through talent solution platform
  3. Storming, norming and forming ideas quickly with employee experience ideas


24, 2019



HR Discipline

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Buy vs. Make: the Right Succession Strategy? Rajesh Sharda ,
Country HR Head & HRBL SC at Glaxo Smithkline Consumer HealthCare Ltd

Yash Mahadik ,
Former CHRO, Sun Pharma HR Transformation Expert

Nithyanandini Subburaj, 
Sr. HR Value Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors

  1. Understand different facets of building leadership pipeline
  2. Recognize the importance of building a business case for succession planning
  3. Explore best practices for succession management and development

December 20, 2018
Tips to prepare better for the SHRM CP/SCP exam Nishith Upadhyaya ,
Head - Knowledge, Professional Development Programs and Advisory, SHRM

Dedeepya Ajith John,
Associate Director - Knowledge & Advisory, APAC & MENA, SHRM

  1. How can I use the SHRM Learning System and the online learning portal to position myself for exam success?
  2. How should I prepare for answering the exam's knowledge-based and situational judgment questions?
December 13, 2018
Rating-less Performance Management - Is it working? Rangika Abeynayake ,
Assistant Vice President – Head of HR Processes & Systems - Group HR Division, John Keells Group

Rosalee Kombial,
Associate Vice President – People Function, Mindtree

Ashish Anand, 
Group Head - HR, Religare Enterprises Ltd.

Nithyanandini Subburaj, 
Sr. HR Value Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors

  1. Continuous performance management and its adoption
  2. Role of technology in enabling a culture of high performance
  3. Pros and Cons of a rating-less performance management system
  4. Opportunities for effective performance management

December 04, 2018


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