Resources for SHRM Chapter and State Council Volunteer Leaders

The SHRM Foundation is grateful for the support we receive from SHRM chapters and state councils. As a charity organization, the SHRM Foundation’s work is only possible through the generosity of others who believe in our vision to empower HR professionals to build inclusive organizations.

These resources are specifically prepared for SHRM chapters and state councils to assist their efforts to educate their communities about the SHRM Foundation and inclusion challenges, make a difference in their local communities and raise funds to benefit the SHRM Foundation.

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    Learn more about the SHRM Foundation's work to support the 
    Aging Workforce and how your chapter and state can earn a digital badge

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    THANKS and we can help!
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    our special fundraising event/activity logo, a letter of support you can share with individuals or companies when asking for a donation, and a shout out from the SHRM Foundation social media accounts. 

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Check List

From raising funds to teaching members how to build inclusive organizations, the SHRM Foundation is grateful for the support from your chapter or state council. To help you stay organized and prioritize your efforts, the SHRM Foundation has created three suggested checklists.  

​The basic checklist

Time may be short, so this basic checklist is everything your chapter or state council should complete to become a SHRM Foundation Champion and qualify as an Aging Workforce Partner.
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​Designate a SHRM Foundation Chair or Director to lead your chapter or council Foundation activities.
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​Become an Aging Workforce Partner by completeing five simple steps to support the current inclusion initiative: employing the aging workforce.
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​Ask your members, and strongly encourage your board members, to join Team Empower by making a donation of $30 or more to the SHRM Foundation and pledging to support our inclusion initiative.
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​Host a fundraising event to benefit the SHRM Foundation.
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Make a donation from chapter or council funds to the SHRM Foundation by December 31.
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​Completing the SHAPE workbook by January 31, 2018 and include your chapter's/council's work to support the SHRM Foundation
(see section 2, #5 on page 8 in the SHAPE Chapter Workbook or see section 2, #6 on page 7 in the SHAPE Council Workbook).

The advanced checklist

After you've mastered the basic checklist step-up to tackle this advanced checklist.  

Complete everything in the basic check list, plus:
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​Join the SHRM Foundation's quarterly CLA webcasts to learn more about the current work, upcoming scholarship deadlines and activities, and impact of the SHRM Foundation.
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​Launch a Team Empower membership drive at your chapter or state council conference to encourage members to support the SHRM Foundation. 
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​Encourage members to apply for SHRM Foundation scholarships, available for academic studies, SHRM certification, and professional development.
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​Host a full session or chapter meeting about the employing the aging workforce.

The elite checklist

You're passionate about empowering HR professionals and building inclusive organizations, and you're ready to find creative ways to make a difference.

Complete everything in the basic check list and the advanced checklist, plus:
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​Make a goal to join the Top 10 Fundraising State Councils or Top 25 Fundraising Chapters by hosting multiple fundraising events, a large-scale event, or a donation drive to benefit the SHRM Foundation.
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​Create a chapter or council goal to have a select number of scholarship winners from your chapter or state by sharing about scholarships, supporting members as they apply, and celebrating your scholarship winners.
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Sponsor a SHRM Foundation scholarship that will be awarded annually to a member in your chapter or state.
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​Invite a speaker from SHRM's Speaker's Bureau to present the program on "HR and the Aging Workforce: Strategies and Best Practices".
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​Contact your local AARP chapter office to partner on local activities or to create an opportunity for members to offer resume and interview coaching for mature workers.
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​Share your most innovative campaign, activity, or event by applying to become an Innovation Award Winner!

SHARING: All About the SHRM Foundation

In an effort to better serve the HR professional, the SHRM Foundation rolled out a new values-based strategy in January 2017 that focuses on causes important to the SHRM membership in building inclusive organizations. 

As a charity, the work of the SHRM Foundation is only possible through generous donations received from individuals who are driven to empower HR professionals to build inclusive organizations. 

These resources can help you share about the SHRM Foundation: 

​The new strategy of the SHRM Foundation 
Empowered HR professionals building inclusive organizations where all employees thrive and organizations achieve success.

The SHRM Foundation champions workforce and workplace transformation by providing...
  • research-based HR solutions for challenging inclusion issues facing employees and potential employees.
  • scholarships to educate and develop HR professionals and students to make change happen.
  • opportunities for HR professionals to make a difference in their local communities.
The SHRM Foundation is a values-based charity organization that champions workforce and workplace transformation and inspires HR professionals to make it happen.


SHRM Foundation's inclusion initiatives for 2017 - 
Aging Workforce & 
Military Veterans
​Aging Workforce: 
Integrating and Engaging Military Veterans: 
Launched on February 1, 2017 the SHRM Foundation is currently building our resources for this initiative. More information to be available in summer 2017. 
​300+ scholarships to be awarded in 2017
​More than 300 scholarships will be awarded in 2017 for academic studies, SHRM certification and professional development.
Webcasts for Chapter/Council leaders
​The SHRM Foundation hosts Core Leadership Area (CLA) webcasts each quarter. 
​Connect with the
SHRM Foundation 
Twitter.png @SHRMFoundation
YouTube.png SHRM Foundation


​As a public charity, the work of the SHRM Foundation is made possible because of the generous support from individuals, organizations, SHRM chapters and state councils, and sponsors. Thanks to the support received from SHRM, all sponsorships and donations received through the SHRM Foundation's annual campaign are used to directly support our mission.

Donations to the SHRM Foundation can be made:
  1. Online at
  2. By mail to the SHRM Foundation's secure bank lockbox with a completed donation form:
    The SHRM Foundation
    P.O. Box 79116
    Baltimore, MD 21279-0116
  3. By calling the SHRM Foundation team and donating over the phone at 703.535.6020.
In the SHAPE workbook, chapters and councils are encouraged to complete all sections, including the SHRM Foundation's portion in section 2, which states:

Chapters and Councils will support the SHRM Foundation by making a monetary contribution directly from the chapter/council funds, received by the SHRM Foundation no later than December 31, 2017.

In addition, your chapter can become a SHRM Foundation Chapter Champion by making a monetary donation and:
  • Encourage board members and invite all members to join Team Empower by making an individual annual donation of $30 or more and pledging to volunteer to support the SHRM Foundation.
  • Host a fundraising event to benefit the SHRM Foundation.
See section 2, #5 on page 8 in the SHAPE Chapter workbook or see section 2, #6 on page 7 in the SHAPE Council Workbook.

Making a gift from chapter or state council funds

Gifts directly from chapters and state councils equal approximately half of the SHRM Foundation's annual campaign and are vital to the work of the SHRM Foundation.

Chapters and Councils can: 
  • Make a donation in honor of a member, volunteer leader, or speaker.
  • Host a meeting to share about the SHRM Foundation's inclusion initiative and brainstorm how member's organizations can support inclusion and encourage diversity. Donate all registration fees from attendees.
  • Place a change jar at your meeting and ask for "Change for Change". Every coin donated to the SHRM Foundation will help transform the workplace and workforce.
View a list of your chapter/council giving with recognition credits (see "Encouraging donations from members" below) by visiting the Giving Reports page.

Encouraging donations from members

The SHRM Foundation is a charity dedicated to empowering HR professionals to build inclusive organizations. We are your professional charity, and the mission of the SHRM Foundation is only possible through generous donations.

Encourage your board members and members to join Team Empower, a special club of supporters who donate $30 or more each year, and commit to supporting the SHRM Foundation's inclusion initiative. Learn more about

Launch a Team Empower donor drive:
  • Introduce Team Empower at a meeting, in a newsletter, and on your website.
  • Create special low-cost or no-cost member only benefits such as special seating during a meeting, opportunity to get in line for food first, entry into a raffle for a sponsor-donated item, and a Team Empower badge ribbon (contact the SHRM Foundation to order your ribbons!). 
  • Check out easy steps to create your own local giving club!
    • Recognize Team Empower donors online, in an email, or ask all donors to stand during the beginning of your meetings.
Your members may also choose to join the SHRM Foundation's Leadership Circle , our top donor club. Leadership Circle donors give $1,000 a year for three years, and are recognized for their support and invited to SHRM Foundation events throughout the year.

We encourage donors to give directly to the SHRM Foundation to ensure that their donation is tax-deductible. All donors who give online or give an offline gift of $25 or more will receive an acknowledgement letter which is your receipt for tax purposes. All donors are encouraged to give recognition credits to their chapter or council in honor of their gift. Credits should to be given during the point of donation, and can be added or adjusted by donor request to

Hosting a fundraising event

A fundraising event is a great way to engage your members and build excitement for the SHRM Foundation's mission. 

Successful fundraising events hosted by chapters and councils include:
  • Professional Photo Shoot: Host a photo session and hire a photographer to take professional headshots. Ask for a suggested donation from attendees. To save on overhead cost, try and find a photographer who is a member or a local business owner who is interested in donating their time in-kind. Garden State SHRM held a photo shoot at their past conference and it was a success!
  • Used Book Sale: The SHRM Foundation supports lifelong learning and a used book sale will help your members continue learning and support the SHRM Foundation's work. Ask your members to donate books, and then sell the books during a meeting or conference. Greater Orlando SHRM used this option to help raise funds on behalf of the SHRM Foundation.
  • Get Active for the Cause: Get active by hosting a bike ride, run, walk, or bowling (ideas are endless!) activity and ask family, friends, and colleagues to support your participation by making a donation to the SHRM Foundation in your honor. Consider making teams and inviting others (including potential members!) to join in the fun!
Your chapter or council is responsible for your events, including legality and safety of the event. If you have additional questions about your fundraising event or if you'd like to brainstorm fundraising event ideas, contact the SHRM Foundation team at or call 703.535.6020. 


​Making a different is your local community is part of the SHRM Foundation's mission, and we encourage chapters and states to volunteer with the SHRM Foundation and support the SHRM Foundation's inclusion initiative in your community.

Volunteering in your community
Volunteering is a great way to engage with current members and recruit new members, while making a positive impact. Also, it shows that your chapter or state council is committed to being a leader in your community.

Consider hosting a volunteer opportunity:
  • Resume Building Workshop: Host a resume building workshop and offer your services to the community to help them create or update their resumes. One option is to partner with your local military base or AARP job fair. Elizabethtown SHRM has conducted this activity as part of their partnership with Fort Knox where they served as mentors in assisting with resume building.
  • Create a local leadership forum: Bring together business leaders to discuss issues in the community. Use SHRM Foundation resources to help work through issues impacting the workforce. This is a great opportunity to grow networking options and connect businesses.
  • Business Clothing Drive: Collect lightly used business attire and donate it to a local group. Raleigh/Wake HRMA worked with their local branch of Dress for Success, who helps to empower women by providing professional attire, and collected lightly used business clothes for their community.
  • Offer a hand at local events: Collaborate with local community groups and partner on local events: By collaborating, you are setting yourself up to be a leader in your community. Together we can accomplish more. For the aging workforce, consider partnering with your local AARP. Share resources to help complete a common goal.
  • Provide coaching: Create a program to provide coaching to local charities or to select clients of a charity. Your members are seasoned HR professionals, and their insight could provide a local charity with much-needed support. Or, your members could offer mentorship to individuals in need of advice. Consider whether a project should be short-term (a one-time conversation) or a long-term project, and ensure you've discussed any legal implications.

Volunteering with the SHRM Foundation

The SHRM Foundation relies on more than 100 volunteers each year to evaluate scholarship applications and review resources. To learn more and to add your name to our volunteer database, visit