Resources for SHRM Chapter and State Council Volunteer Leaders

Resources for SHRM Chapter and State Council Volunteer Leaders

The SHRM Foundation is grateful for the support we receive from SHRM chapters and state councils. As the 501(c)(3) philanthropic arm of SHRM, the SHRM Foundation’s work is only possible through the generosity of others who believe in our vision build a work of work that works for all. 

These resources are specifically prepared for SHRM chapters and state councils to assist their efforts to educate their communities about the work of the SHRM Foundation and to help volunteer leaders raise funds to benefit the SHRM Foundation.


As a 501(c)(3), the work of the SHRM Foundation is only possible through generous donations received from donors and sponsors. Below are resources that can help you share about the SHRM Foundation.

Elevate and empower HR as a social force.

Mobilizing the power of HR and the generosity of donors to lead positive social change impacting work, workers and the workplace.

A world of work that works for all. 


More than 300 scholarships will be awarded in 2020 for academic studies, SHRM certification, and professional development. View the list of all awards and application deadlines at

Inclusion Initiatives

  • Employing Abilities @Work: the SHRM Foundation's newest initiative to drive employment for individuals with disabilities. 
  • Veterans at Work: the SHRM Foundation's commitment to empowering HR professionals to attract, hire and retain veterans. 
  • Getting Talent Back to Work: Helping employers confidently hire individuals with a criminal background.

Webcasts for Council/Chapter Leaders

The SHRM Foundation hosts Core Leadership Area (CLA) webcasts each quarter.
Below is the schedule for live webcasts in 2020.

Connect with the SHRM Foundation

Events and Fundraising

As the 501 c(3) philanthropic arm of SHRM, the SHRM Foundation inspires and empowers HR professionals to unlock human potential and lead social change in the workplace and beyond. The SHRM Foundation's work is only possible thanks to the support from generous donations and sponsorships. Below are resources to support your fundraising efforts with your chapter and state council. 

SHAPE Guidelines

According to 2020 SHAPE Chapter and State Council workbooks (section 2), SHRM chapters and state councils will: "Support the SHRM Foundation by making a monetary contribution directly from the chapter's/state council's funds, received by the SHRM Foundation no later than December 31, 2020." 

In addition, your chapter and state council can earn the SHRM Foundation's Champion award by completing these three steps:

  1. Make a monetary donation to the SHRM Foundation directly from chapter/council funds by December 31, 2020
  2. Host a fundraising event to benefit the SHRM Foundation
  3. Encourage board members and invite all chapter members to join Team Empower by making an individual annual donation of $30 or more to support the SHRM Foundation's annual initiative.

Fundraising Tools

How to Make a Donation

  1. Online
  2. By mail to the SHRM Foundation's secure bank lockbox with a completed donation form:
    The SHRM Foundation
    P.O. Box 79116
    Baltimore, MD 21279-0116
  1. By calling the SHRM Foundation team and donating over the phone at 703.535.6020.

We encourage donors to give directly to the SHRM Foundation to ensure that their donation is tax-deductible. All donors who give online or give an offline gift  will receive an acknowledgment letter via email, which is your receipt for tax purposes. All donors are encouraged to give recognition credits to their chapter and council in honor of their gift. Recognition credits should be given at the point of donation and can be added or adjusted by donor request to

Local Impact

Making a difference in your local community is part of the SHRM Foundation's mission, and we encourage chapters and states to volunteer with the SHRM Foundation and support the SHRM Foundation's inclusion initiative in your community. Below are resources to consider when planning to host your own volunteer opportunity. 

Three ways to Make a Difference

  1. Host a service project to support military veterans in your community.
  2. Educate and inspire local HR professionals on the value of hiring and retaining military veterans.
  3. Raise funds to help advance the mission of the SHRM Foundation.

Volunteering in your Community

Volunteering is a great way to engage with current members and recruit new members while making a positive impact. Also, it shows that your chapter or state council is committed to being a leader in your community. 

Volunteering with the SHRM Foundation

The SHRM Foundation relies on more than 100 volunteers each year to evaluate scholarship applications and review resources. To learn more and to add your name to our volunteer database, visit


From raising funds to teaching members how to build inclusive organizations, the SHRM Foundation is grateful for the support from your chapter or state council. To help you stay organized and prioritize your efforts, the SHRM Foundation has created three suggested checklists.  

The basic checklist

Time may be short, so this basic checklist is everything your chapter or state council should complete to become a SHRM Foundation Champion.
updated check box.jpg

​Designate a SHRM Foundation Chair or Director to lead your chapter or council Foundation activities.
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​Ask your members, and strongly encourage your board members, to join Team Empower by making a donation of $30 or more to the SHRM Foundation and pledging to support our inclusion initiative.
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​Host a fundraising event to benefit the SHRM Foundation.
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Make a donation from chapter or council funds to the SHRM Foundation by December 31.
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​Completing the SHAPE workbook by January 31, 2020 and include your chapter's/council's work to support the SHRM Foundation 
(see section 2, #5 on page 8 in the SHAPE Chapter Workbook or see section 2, #6 on page 7 in the SHAPE State Council Workbook).

The advanced checklist

After you've mastered the basic checklist step-up to tackle this advanced checklist.  

Complete everything in the basic check list, plus: 
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​Join the SHRM Foundation's quarterly CLA webcasts to learn more about the current work, upcoming scholarship deadlines and activities, and impact of the SHRM Foundation.
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​Launch a Team Empower membership drive at your chapter or state council conference to encourage members to support the SHRM Foundation. 
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​Encourage members to apply for SHRM Foundation scholarships, available for academic studies, SHRM certification, and professional development.
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​Host a full session or chapter meeting about engaging and integrating veterans in the workforce.

The elite checklist

You're passionate about empowering HR professionals and building inclusive organizations, and you're ready to find creative ways to make a difference. 

Complete everything in the basic check list and the advanced checklist, plus: 
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​Make a goal to join the Top 10 Fundraising State Councils or Top 25 Fundraising Chapters by hosting multiple fundraising events, a large-scale event, or a donation drive to benefit the SHRM Foundation.
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​Create a chapter or council goal to have a select number of scholarship winners from your chapter or state by sharing about scholarships, supporting members as they apply, and celebrating your scholarship winners.
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Sponsor a SHRM Foundation scholarship that will be awarded annually to a member in your chapter or state.
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​Invite a speaker from SHRM's Speaker's Bureau to present the program on "HR and the Aging Workforce: Strategies and Best Practices" or best practices for integrating and engaging veterans in the workforce.
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Partner with your chapter's workforce readiness and diversity chair to educate members about the SHRM Foundation's inclusion initiative to hire and retain military veterans.