Realizing the Value of Untapped Talent: Opportunity for All Workers

Realizing the Value of Untapped Talent: Opportunity for All Workers

As the country looks to rebuild the economy in 2021, it will be critical for employers to address stubborn talent gaps that existed before the pandemic and have been exacerbated since.


That's why SHRM Foundation and Walmart are proud to introduce a new initiative focused on accessing untapped pools of talent. We all stand to benefit from reducing employment barriers to create more inclusive workplaces for everyone. When businesses make an extended effort to recruit, hire, and invest in people from untapped talent pools, it's a win-win-win. Employers benefit from finding the talent they need to be successful, people get the opportunities they need to thrive, and society benefits from a more equitable and just workforce.


This effort surveyed employers about their experiences recruiting, hiring, and training workers from talented groups such as veterans, military spouses, and caregivers, individuals aged 60 or older, people with disabilities, people with previous justice system experience, and opportunity youth.

Realizing the value of untapped talent

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There is much work to be done, and organizations need to be willing to put forth the effort that has been lacking thus far, but all signs point to a future of greater action and renewed commitment. Together with community partners and advocacy groups, forward-thinking employers can empower untapped talent, boost their inclusivity, and open the door to all workers for prosperity. HR has the power to change the conversation, break the myths, build better businesses, while also doing what's right.

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