Student Chapter FAQs


Student Chapter FAQs

1. What does a SHRM student chapter do?
SHRM student chapters hold regularly scheduled meetings to help members learn more about business and the HR field. They are run by elected student officers with the assistance of a chapter advisor and SHRM professional members. 

Beyond regular meetings, chapters organize a variety of activities including:

  • Company tours
  • Student conferences
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Interviewing workshops
  • Fundraisers
  • Internship programs
  • Social events
  • Networking with SHRM professional chapter members

Each of these activities help students build relationships with other local professionals and students, while learning about Human Resource Management and positioning themselves for success upon graduation

2. Are there any student chapters located outside of the US?
Technically no, although there are still opportunities for students to engage with each other.  Students living outside of the US, interested in receiving recognition for their on-campus “HR club,” promoting/participating in HR-related projects and activities do have the option to form a SHRM Forum. SHRM Forums are coordinated through the SHRM Global Business Development Department. For more information, please reach out via email at

3. What should I do if I want to join a student chapter, but there is no chapter at my school?
You have two options. You can:

  • Start your own chapter! The steps and requirements for chartering a new chapter may be found under our Affiliation Guide.
  • Contact local chapters about joining a nearby chapter. To find a chapter near you, please use the Chapter Directory.
4. What are the chapter eligibility requirements
To become affiliated with SHRM, your student chapter must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a MINIMUM of 8 current national SHRM student members. Your chapter may have additional non-SHRM members
  • Your institution must be one of the following:
    • Four-year or graduate college/university
    • Two-year college with a matriculation agreement between the institution and a four year-college or university, which provides for automatic acceptance of the community/technical college students into the four-year college or university
  • Designate current SHRM professional member(s) for advisor position(s)
  • Designate a current SHRM student member as President
    For more details on eligibility requirements, please visit our Chapter requirements page

    5. How can our chapter make sure we are recognized as “Active”?
    Once chapters have received a chapter charter and become affiliated with SHRM, there are several yearly requirements chapters must meet to be recognized as an active chapter. 
    To be considered active, your chapter must the following requirements:

    • Maintain a minimum of 8 SHRM student members at all times. Chapters are responsible for maintaining their own roster. Updates should be provided to SHRM via the roster update request form
    • Your chapter advisor and co-advisor, if one has been designated, must be a current SHRM Professional, General, or Associate member.
    • Your chapter president must be a current SHRM student member throughout their term of office.
    • Submit the Student Chapter Info Form each year by June 1st
    • Submit the Roster Request form twice per year (suggested dates are by November 30th and April 30th)
    • Submit a minimum of section one of the Merit award booklet each year by April 30th
    *Chapters will be audited once per year during the chapter merit reporting process. Those who do not meet the minimum requirements will be notified.

      6. Our chapter is currently inactive. How do we reactivate?
      The initial requirements for reactivating a chapter are as follows:

      • Contact regarding interest and for instruction on requirements. Please include your chapter number and full chapter name.
      • Your chapter must have at least eight (8) current SHRM student members
      • Your chapter’s college or university is an accredited four year or graduate institution/or a consortium of these or a two-year community college with an articulation agreement between it and a four-year college or university
      • Your chapter has designated a current Professional, General, or Associate SHRM member as the student chapter advisor and a current SHRM Student member as the chapter president. If a co-advisor is designated, that individual must also be a current Professional, General, or Associate SHRM member.

      Required Documents:

      • Submit the Student Chapter Information Form (SCIF)
        • All SHRM student chapters are required to designate one (1) primary advisor and (one) 1 student chapter president with active SHRM memberships in order to maintain their active chapter status.
      • Submit the Chapter Roster Update Form
        • All SHRM student chapters are required to maintain a minimum of 8 active SHRM student memberships in order to maintain their active chapter status. Please include the member’s name, SHRM ID number (if available), address, and email address
      • Submit updated Chapter By-laws if existing by-laws are from 1999 or earlier. Model bylaws are included on our website.
        • Before signing, please send them to in advance for review to ensure everything is in order and no changes need to be made. Once they have been approved, the chapter bylaws must be signed by the advisor and the student chapter president before being sent back to SHRM for approval and ratification.
      • Submit section 1 of the Chapter Merit award, if applicable
        • Chapters who re-affiliate between Jan. 1 and March 31 of the current award year will be exempt from submitting Section 1 of the Chapter Merit Award report
      7. Should chapters send applications to SHRM with individual checks?
      It is preferable to send an individual check or money order with each application. Sending a group chapter check with a group of applications makes more work for the chapter and makes it difficult to track payments in the event of a future problem or question on an application. 

      Holding applications until one group check is created will cause unnecessary delays in the start of membership services for your applicants. If your chapter collects local dues in addition to national dues, the applicants should write two separate checks, one to the local chapter and one to SHRM. 

      Payment and the application should be forwarded to SHRM for processing.  The address is noted on the membership application form.

      Please direct all payments and questions regarding individual membership to Member Experience at 1-800-283-7476 or (703-548-3440 for international members) or email Customer Experience.

      8. What should we tell a student who wants to join our chapter but is not eligible for national student membership?
      If an applicant does not meet the necessary qualifications for national student membership, they can still join and participate in SHRM. Give them the following two options:

      • Join the Society as a regular associate, general, or professional member for $229 and then participate in the student chapter activities and/or the local professional chapter.
      • Join your chapter as a "local-only" member. Pay local dues and participate in student chapter activities. (If your chapter offers this option.) 
      9. Can chapters use the SHRM logo?
      Yes. As an affiliated chapter, you are entitled to use the SHRM logo for chapter newsletters, correspondence, posters, T-shirts, etc. However with this privilege comes the responsibility to use the logo correctly. Following are some guidelines for its use:          

      • Reproduce the logo only from camera-ready artwork provided by SHRM. Do not modify the design in any way.
      • The logo may only appear in the colors 100% black, 100% blue (Pantone 282) and 100% gray (Pantone 424). The background may be any color, but the "HR" must "reverse out" meaning it will also be the background color.
      • The logo must always appear with the registrada symbol, which identifies it as a registered trademark.
      •  Chapters may not use the logo on business cards, as this implies SHRM's endorsement of the individual or organization. Instead, use the statement "Member, Society for Human Resource Management."
      To submit a student chapter logo request, please click here.

      Note: Be careful not to mislead people with statements on business cards such as "President, Society for Human Resource Management." If you want to include your position as a chapter officer, be sure to state it clearly (e.g., "President, University of Texas student chapter, Society for Human Resource Management".

      10. Why are members still listed on our chapter roster who have already graduated?
      When a student joins the Society, they receive twelve full months of membership regardless of when they graduate. Students appearing on your roster still have active student memberships even though they graduated during the membership year. These students will be included in your chapter's membership count until their memberships expire or they convert to regular membership

      If you do not wish to have them included in your membership count or listed on your roster, please complete the SHRM Student Chapter Roster Update Request form requesting that the students be removed from the chapter's membership roster. The students will be assigned to "member-at-large" status. This means they will still be national members, but they will no longer be recognized as members of your chapter. 

      11. Why are some of our chapter members not listed on the roster we received from SHRM?
      Members missing from a chapter roster is usually due to one of three factors: 

      • The student is a member of the local chapter but is not a national SHRM member
      • The student just applied for membership within the last 4-6 weeks and the membership may not have been recorded in the database yet.
      • The student is a national member, but is not coded to the correct chapter. To prevent this, be sure to note the correct chapter number on the application before mailing it to SHRM
      12. Can students from other schools without chapters participate in our chapter activities?
      Yes, if approved by your chapter. Students from other schools will not be officially counted as members of your chapter, but they are welcome to participate in your activities if your chapter members feel it is appropriate. If there is sufficient interest in SHRM at another school, encourage the students there to begin their own SHRM chapter.

      13. How do chapters order student chapter supplies?
      Student chapter supplies, including student membership application forms and recruiting materials, can be downloaded directly from on our Chapter Resource Center.

      The Chapter Resource Center also includes a list of materials available upon request. To order materials, including Affiliate Banners, please contact

      14. How do we handle student membership applications?
      Completed membership applications should first be reviewed and signed by the chapter advisor to indicate that the applicant is an eligible student. Next, be sure to write your chapter number in the space provided (some chapters fill in this space before distributing applications). This ensures that your members will be assigned to the correct chapter. 

      Take a moment to review the payment amount. National student dues are currently $49 per year. If your chapter collects local dues in addition to national dues, have the applicants write two separate checks, one to the local chapter and one to SHRM. Then forward the SHRM check with the application to the national office and keep the local dues for your chapter. 
      Applications sent without payment or with incorrect payments will not be processed and will be returned to the applicants. 

      Applications and payments should be sent immediately by mail to: Society for Human Resource Management, P.O. Box 79482, Baltimore, MD 21279-0482 (allow 4-6 weeks for processing) By fax to: (703) 535-6490 (allow 2-3 weeks for processing) or join online immediately.

      *For information on Virtual Student Chapters, please visit our Virtual Student Chapters FAQs Page.


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