The AIRe your Employees must breathe

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Recognition programs must be designed, executed, and reviewed from the lens of Appreciation, Incentivization, Reinforcement, and Emotional Connect (AIRe) to make them successful. Vantage Circle’s decade of experience and learnings led us to build the AIRe Structure, a new framework and strategy for employee recognition.This whitepaper highlights the need for implementing employee recognition programs in a more rational approach with the AIRe framework.

You will get to learn
  • The key tenets of recognition (Appreciation, Incentivization, Reinforcement, Emotional Connect).
  • The AIRe framework and how HR can benefit from this recognition approach.
  • Why do recognition initiatives need to come with a clear set of behaviors or messages that they reinforce?
  • Why ‘Emotional Connect’ could be the missing link in your recognition initiatives?

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