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A strong workplace will be one that innovates and adapts for the future. Help your employees thrive as the world of work changes. Listen to what they need, and shape a culture that supports job engagement and performance.

Over the course of 5 years, the cost of turnover due to workplace culture exceeded $223 billion. 

Organizations must tailor their culture by developing talent management strategies that highlight their employees' needs. Gain information directly from employees so you can cultivate an environment that supports job satisfaction, engagement and performance.  

Partner with SHRM by using our Employee Engagement Suite of survey offerings to help evaluate your organizational culture. Each survey is administered in a way that protects the confidentiality of each individual respondent.

SHRM Employee Engagement Survey


As the voice of all things work, workers and the workplace, SHRM is shaping the way employers and employees thrive together. 

SHRM's Employee Engagement Survey focuses on more than 50 aspects of job satisfaction and engagement commonly linked to organizational performance. 

In order to evaluate areas of strength and determine areas for improvement, survey results are measured against SHRM's database of over 10,000 U.S. employees, with the ability to benchmark by organization size and industry. Results can also be analyzed by key demographics such as department, tenure or level/position to drill down further into organizational needs. 

The SHRM Employee Engagement Survey is available in Spanish for organizations with multilingual employees.

What's included?

  • Select from our standard 100+ survey questions, with the option to customize and remove questions
  • Access to the online survey platform, where you can view real-time participation rates and export aggregated results for up to 30 days after the survey closes
  • Technical assistance and survey administration support provided by our team of specialists

What will you get back?

  • Analysis of survey response data for the overall organization and a breakdown of the demographic most important to your business
  • Analytics report displaying trends in employee comments along with sentiment for each response
  • Results benchmarked against 10,000 employees across the U.S. to highlight specific strengths and areas for improvement, with the ability to benchmark by organization size and industry
  • Creation and delivery of a PDF survey report 

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Designed to fit today's busy lifestyle, the SHRM Employee Engagement Survey is accessible on any mobile device, so managers and their teams can participate in the survey at their convenience.


The SHRM Employee Engagement Survey pricing* is based off total number of employees being surveyed at your organization. 

20-0400 SHRM Employee Engagement Survey Pricing Chart_v2.png
*All pricing is subject to change.

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SHRM offers a variety of additional surveys to provide an organization with tools to succeed, by gaining information directly from their employees.

360 Feedback

360 Feedback

In today's labor market, employee loyalty can waiver as employees regularly look for other opportunities. SHRM's 360 Feedback is an assessment tool that uses the multiple perspectives of supervisors, managers, peers and the employee to identify strengths and areas for development. Capturing a multifaceted view on knowledge, skills and abilities encourages a culture of open and honest communication and provides a way for employees to understand perceptions of their skills and behaviors.

New Hire Survey

Employee Exit Survey

Exit SurveyThe Employee Exit Survey can be used as a standalone survey or a complement to the exit interview. Understanding the reason employees leave is necessary in creating environments that encourage employees to stay long-term.

This survey allows departing employees to provide feedback on factors that impact long-term employee engagement and performance. Turnover can be costly. Understand why employees are leaving, and leverage that insight to recruit and retain talent.

Earn SHRM Recertification Credit

SHRM Recertification Provider CP-SCP Seal 2020-smaller.jpgAs the administrator of the survey for your organization, if you are a SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP holder, you can earn 10-20 PDCs for your work on the SHRM survey that meets or supports your organizational goals. The number of PDCs that can be earned through qualifying work projects is calculated based on hours of time spent on the project.

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