Competency Diagnostic Tools

​Whether you are looking to strengthen your HR department or your individual development, SHRM has the diagnostic tool for you.

Based on the SHRM Competency Model, these online tools gather feedback and create meaningful reports to help measure areas of strength and opportunity for the HR department. Confidentiality is protected at every turn, encouraging respondents to provide feedback to give you the data needed to better understand your HR workforce.


  • Clear interface that is compatible with e-reader and mobile devices.
  • Access to a dedicated SHRM support team.
  • Secure, online diagnostic that can be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Automated reminder messages to drive response rates.
  • Targeted training aligned to each core competency area.


  • Target your organization’s highest priority development areas.
  • Access individual and aggregate data to make scalable HR investments.
  • Receive informative, data-driven tables and charts for business case building and presentations.
  • Build HR credibility across the organization.
  • Leverage data and best practice insights during action planning.

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180 Tool

Prioritize individual development with 180-degree insight.

The SHRM Diagnostic™ - 180 Tool empowers HR professionals to identify opportunities for development and target ongoing personal and career growth activities. Created by HR, for HR, these tools create momentum: from assessment, to development, to achievement.

Based on SHRM’s HR Competency Model, the SHRM Diagnostic - 180 Tool captures your responses and feedback from your supervisor(s) through a user-friendly platform. All of the responses are distilled into a comprehensive and meaningful report that provides a quantitative baseline for development decisions. 

HR individuals looking to assess core HR competencies, identify areas of existing strength and uncover opportunities for development. The SHRM Diagnostic™ is relevant across all HR career levels, organization sizes and sectors, and is applicable in a global context.

SHRM Members: $220  |  Nonmembers: $270

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360 Tool

Target ongoing growth opportunities with multi-rater feedback.

The SHRM Diagnostic™ - 360 Tool provides comprehensive multi-rater feedback from self, manager, peers and direct reports. Our online tool captures responses via a user-friendly platform.

HR departments who wish to receive valuable insights about the team and promote personal development.

SHRM Members: $270  |  Nonmembers: $320


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HR Department Tool

Do you know how satisfied your organization is with your HR department?

The SHRM Diagnostic™ - HR Department Tool focuses on functional practice areas and key competencies that are critical for HR professionals. The diagnostic tool will enable HR departments to understand organizational perspectives on the HR Department across key HR activities and skills.

HR leaders and functional heads looking for a way to assess and prioritize HR initiatives and enhance the HR department's impact at the company.

Starting at $3,000

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