Scholarship Award Alumni


  Graduate Academic Scholarships ($5,000)
​Alyson Burks
​Lipscomb University
​Amanda Haddaway
​Tulane University Law School
​Amanda Martin
​Urbana University 
​Christine Meehan
​Penn State World Campus 
Darshit Dave
DePaul University 
​Dannielle Morton
​William Penn University 
​Emilie Laga
​Villanova University
​George Smith
​Quinnipiac University
​Jennifer Hallgren
​Abilene Christian University
​Jeremy Sanders
​Towson University 
​Jordan Kibbee
​Washington State University
Mary Rydesky
​Walden University 
​Marquis Barnett
​Vanderbilt University 
​Michelle Russomano
​Rutgers University 
​Rona Bourdeau
​California State University, Long Beach
​Rusty Steele
​Indiana University Southeast
​Tammy Galvan
​Baker University 
​Whitney Kennedy
​University of North Texas
​​​National Academy of Human Resources Foundation Graduate Scholarship 
​Shannon Fazande
Tulane University
​Burgandy L. Mallinger 
University of Minnesota, Duluth
Pollin Group Graduate Scholarship 

Alysson DuPont
University of Maryland University College
​​Jack in the Box, Inc. Graduate Scholarship
​​Megan Wertheimer
​Middle Tennessee State Univeristy​

​Undergraduate Academic Scholarships ($2,500)

​Luke Cavender
Olivet Nazarene University 
​Adam Simmons
​Capella University 
​Gwyn Dubel​Baldwin Wallace University
​Andrew Hanson
​Bemidji State University
Kelly Schmitz
Concordia University Wisconsin
Christina Leib
​Rider University

​Alicia McPhoy 

​Rutgers University 

​Lindsay Ortega-Williams 
Penn State University
​Jeffrey Meeds
​Oregon State University 
​Janice Quevedo 
​University of Phoenix 
​Stacey Escamilla
​Fayetteville State University
​Baileigh Jones 
​Meredith College 
​Marisa Mansfield 
​William Peace University
​Ashley Stansell 
​Winthrop University 
​Megan Holtschneider 
​Colorado State University
​Brayden Battershell 
​East Central University 
Larry Burk Undergraduate Scholarship 
​Jason Chung
University of Texas, El Paso​
​Lisa Burke Undergraduate Scholarship
Alexandra Miller 
University of Alabama, Birmingham 
​Paula Harvey Undergraduate Scholarship
​Becky Krueger 
Ashford University
​Junior Achievement USA Undergraduate Scholarship

Brian Loiacono 
Illinois State University​
​Libby Sartain Undergraduate Scholarship

​Krystee Chase 
Meredith College ​
​​Schultz Family Sharing Fund: Giving Back to the HR Profession Scholarship 
Kelda Latham-Bennett 
​​Cameron University

Full list of 2017 scholarship Winners


​Undergraduate Academic Scholarship ($2,500)

​Garrett BrownWest Virginia University​
​Travis Doderlein​San Diego State University
​Gwyn Dubel​Baldwin Wallace University
​Jayra Rodriguez-Ortiz​Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico
​Morgan York​Indiana Tech
​Lindsay Zanzalari​Rutgers University
Larry Burk Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Vivian LuuTexas Tech University​
​Lisa Burke Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Travis Doderlein​San Diego State University
​Paula Harvey Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Brian Loiacono​Illinois State University
​Jack in the Box, Inc. Graduate Scholarship ($5,000)
​Megan WertheimerMiddle Tennessee State Univeristy​
​Junior Achievement USA Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Randi DanielTarleton State University​
​National Academy of Human Resources Foundation Graduate Scholarship ($5,000)
Lieutenant ​James WalshFlorida International University​
​Libby Sartain Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Taylor DemyanYoungstown State University​
​Schultz Family Sharing Fund: Promoting Giving Back to the HR Profession Scholarship ($2,500)
​Burgandy L. Mallinger​University of Minnesota, Duluth

Full list of 2016 scholarship winners


​Undergraduate Academic Scholarship ($2,500)
​Gwyn M. Dubel​Baldwin Wallace University
​Burgandy L. MallingerUniversity of Minnesota, Duluth​
​Kristjan M. ThoraciusBemidji State University
​Larry Burk Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Corinne N. SmithUniversity of Texas, San Antonio​
​Lisa Burke Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Alejandra Solares de la CampaMeredith College​
​Libby Sartain Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Twylla StoneCleveland State University​
​Graduate Academic Scholarship ($5,000)
​Tessly A. DieguezFlorida Institute of Technology​
​National Academy of HR Foundation Graduate Academic Scholarship ($5,000)
​Gerrard C. RobertsUniversity of South Carolina​
​Assurance of Learning Assessment Scholarship ($200)
​Amelia R. AllenTexas A&M University, College Station​
​Casey L. CrutcherRegent University​

full list of 2015 scholarship winners


​Undergraduate Academic Award ($2,500)
​Andrew J. Guerrero​Texas State University
​Emily K. McWhirter​Baylor University
​Paige M. Rassega​Youngstown State University
​Rashida A. Sheffield​Georgia State University
​Janae G. Stockton​Oklahoma State University
​Lisa Burke Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Margaret G. Kenney​North Carolina State University
​Graduate Academic Scholarship ($5,000)
​Chelsea A. LeNoble​Florida Institute of Technology
​Reyna Martinez​Rutgers University
Assurance of Learning Assessment Scholarship ($200)​
​Heidy Gonzalez​Florida International University
​Chelsea A. LeNoble​Florida Institute of Technology
​Megan D. McKeehan​Kellar University
​Margoth Osco​Florida International University
​Kasandra R. Thomas​Southwest Missouri State University
​Khang Tran​Angelo State University
​Rachel Trotman​Purdue University, Calumet

full list of 2014 scholarship winners


​Undergraduate Academic Award ($2,500)
​Madison L. Anderson​North Carolina State University
​Christina D. Alger​California State University, Stanislaus
​Ashley M. Benvenuti​Indiana Institute of Technology
Valeria M. Dikovitskaya​​University of Colorado Boulder
​Emily R. Henricks​Eastern Michigan University
​Stephanie L. Hockett​California State University, Stanislaus
​Madison LeRoy​Western Kentucky University
Rachel A. Mastro​​North Carolina State University
​Ashley E. Tague​University of Illinois, Springfield
​Edwin M. Torres​Alvernia University
​Lisa Burke Undergraduate Scholarship ($2,500)
​Taylor Armstrong​University of Akron
​Graduate Academic Scholarship ($5,000)
​Crystal L. Brooks​North Carolina Central University
​Adyson Noelle DeJardin​Springfield College
​Anna E. GibsonCleveland State University​
​Matthew SikorskiMiddle Tennessee State University​
Assurance of Learning Assessment Scholarship ($200)
​Lori Preston​Point Park University
​Kaitlyn Renon​University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
​Myra Rouge​Hult International Business School
​Rebecca Scott Young​California InterContinental University
​Shanna Von Holtum​University of Sioux Falls

full list of 2013 scholarship winners

Scholarship Alumni:

2012 scholarship winners

2011 scholarship winners

2010 scholarship winners

2009 scholarship winners

2008 Scholarship Winners

Andrew Marcotte

"Winning this scholarship proves that hard work and determination pay off. It also proves that early career HR professionals have the resources and support to begin their certifications. The SHRM Foundation has a great support structure in place that enabled me to apply for this scholarship. That same funding arrangement is there for many others to take advantage of this opportunity as well."

Read Andrew's story on the SHRM Blog

Burgandy Mallinger

"As an HR professional at Northwood, I feel that I make a difference for employees when giving them advice on how to advance in their career and skills. Working and this SHRM Foundation scholarship helps me pay for college and achieve my dreams of going to graduate school and pursuing a career in Human Resources. I am thankful for this scholarship as it has empowered me to move forward with my dream."

Read Burgandy's story on the SHRM Blog

Gwyn Dubel

"This scholarship is very important to myself and others like me, because it provides me the opportunity to continue my education with more ease, helping me to build a successful career in Human Resources. I am very thankful for my education and am determined to succeed. Some of my motivation to succeed comes from my goal of attaining and maintaining financial stability and security, something I did not have growing up."

Read Gwyn's story on the SHRM Blog

Corinne Smith

"Thanks to this scholarship from the SHRM Foundation, I only had to work part-time for my final semester at UTSA, giving me significantly more time to focus on school rather than finances. This scholarship has been like a graduation present to me from the SHRM Foundation paying over half of the tuition for my last semester in school."

Read Corinne's story on the SHRM Blog

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