People + Strategy Journal

Winter 2023

ESG 2.0: A Moment or a Movement?


Corporations are now widely viewed as the most trusted drivers of social change, and many are embracing missions based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. But are these efforts a true movement or just a moment in time? In the Winter 2023 issue, People + Strategy explores these challenges facing all organizations and leadership teams. 



Pursuing Purpose
An interview with Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune Media, on how ESG initiatives create long-term value for organizations.

Mastering the Hardware and Software of Sustainable ESG
An effective ESG program is similar to a computer. The "hardware" is company financial performance, the "software" is people factors.
by Anastassia Lauterbach

Framing the ESG Conversation
A structure to de-escalate emotion from ESG discussions and to incorporate ESG into your compensation plans.
by Gabrielle Thompson

Striking the Balance Between Profits and Purpose
From the Met to BlackRock to Harvard, Deborah Winshel discusses her journey to a more balanced approach to ESG.

The Great Rejection and Recalibration
How to trade "hustle culture" for a more restorative capitalist system that prioritizes the planet and our creative resources.
by Rahaf Harfoush

Accountability from the Top
Lessons learned from Corning's Office of Racial Equity and Social Unity.
by Lewis A. Steverson

How to Hybrid
A case study of Harry's Inc. examining the organization's use of hybrid planning as a catalyst for the future of work.
by Carina Cortese


Message from the President 
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP
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From the Executive Editor 
David Reimer

The Big Question

In First Person

Directors Roundtable
Moderators: Dawn Zier, Adam Bryant
Participants: Susan Silbermann, Andrea Weiss, Glenn Welling

Linking Theory + Practice
Corporate Leaders: The New Trusted Drivers of Social Change? 
Brad Winn, Ian Williamson, Joyce Russell, Jean-Francois Manzoni

Research + Insights
New findings from SHRM Research on conflicting views among workers and execs on ESG issues.

The Takeaway:  A Discussion Guide on Incorporating ESG Goals