People + Strategy Journal

Fall 2018

Live Better to Lead Better

Many leaders are discovering that for them to lead better, they have to live better, model balance, and create an environment where other leaders and teams are equipped for the long run, not just the next quarter. This issue is dedicated to comprehensive efforts to change the way we work, live, and engage with our workplace lives. ​


Total Leadership: Improving Performance in All Parts of Life
Stewart D. Friedman

Grounded and Conscious: The New Leadership Imperative
Bob Rosen and Emma Kate Swann

How to Help Leaders Create a Productive Life Rhythm
Scott Eblin

Beyond Engagement: Fulfillment as a Competitive Advantage
William Schiemann

The Next Frontier of C-Suite Performance: Wellbeing
Lowinn Kibbey

How a Small Organization Lives Better to Lead Better
Leslie D. Wireback

Helping Leaders Adapt When Serious Shift Hits the Plan
Susan Mecca

Steering Through the Storm
Julie V. Dinh and Eduardo Salas


From the Executive Editor
Will Living Better Help You Lead Better?
Marc Sokol

Mind Your Leadership or Fail
Anna Tavis
POINT: Andy Lee
COUNTERPOINTS: Jacqueline Carter, Matthias Birk, Michael Carroll, Christopher S. Reina, Jeremy Hunter

Executive Roundtable
Keeping Lives in Motion in Employee Wellness and Business Results
Moderator: David Reimer and Sonja Meighan
Participants: Lock Wills, Blackie Wills, Joe Wills, Tara Handy

In First Person
David Rodriguez: Putting People First Is the Marriott Way
Kathleen Ross

Linking Theory + Practice
Leadership and Deep Change: The Business Case for Organizational Virtuousness
Brad Winn

Insight into Action
Live Better to Lead Better: A Beginner's Guide
Marc Sokol

CHRO Connection
Mirian Graddick-Weir: Planning for Future Success at Merck
Lisa Connell