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General Resources
Right click any file title and select "save target as" to download

SHRM Foundation Overview (revised Nov. 2014) - An informational PowerPoint for your reference as well as to show at meetings

SHRM Foundation Ad - A SHRM Foundation advertisement for use on your website or in newsletters

Use of the SHRM Foundation Logo
 - A description of the guidelines and process for requesting the use of the SHRM Foundation logo

Annual Campaign Brochure - A .pdf describing the benefits of donating to the SHRM Foundation and how your contributions are utilized

Printable Donation Form - A .pdf that can be printed and distributed at meetings

Foundation Scholarship & Award Spreadsheet
- A searchable spreadsheet containing information on Foundation award and scholarship winners during the last five years. It is sorted by state so you can easily find individuals from your chapter or council

Get Involved Form - Encourage your chapter or council members to become more involved in the SHRM Foundation by participating in one of its many activites. This form provides them with different options for signing up to participate. Volunteers may also sign up online.

SHRM Foundation News Articles -  Updates about the SHRM Foundation and current work to be uesd in Council/Chapter newsletters and email announcements. *Updated September 16, 2014