SHRM Foundation Grants: Procedures and Requirements
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SHRM Foundation Grants: Procedures and Requirements


Congratulations on receiving a SHRM Foundation research grant! Following is a list of commonly requested information to help you interact with the Foundation and fulfill your grant requirements.

How to Submit Grant Payment Requests
Once a completed Research Agreement is received, the SHRM Foundation can begin paying out grant funds.

Throughout the term of the grant, the SHRM Foundation will reimburse actual grant expenses, personnel costs and overhead in accordance with the approved budget (submitted in the proposal) up to a maximum of 80% of the grant amount. The final 20% of grant funds will be held by the Foundation until the project is completed (final report submitted and all grant requirements met).

Researchers are free to re-allocate grant funds between budget categories as long as the study is not changed significantly and the total costs do not exceed the total amount of the grant.

Grant invoices may be submitted by the university or other supporting institution, or by the researcher.  Tax ID’s must be submitted for each payee before payment can be made.

Invoices must include the following information:
• SHRM Foundation project number (assigned in acceptance letter)
• Date of invoice
• Researcher(s) name(s)
• Total amount requested (if outside the U.S., specify currency)
• Payee (who the check should be payable to)
• Address where check should be mailed
• Supporting documentation and explanation of expenses (copies of receipts, summary of hours worked, etc.) If not clear, please explain how expenses relate to the research grant.
• Contact name, address, e-mail and phone number in case of questions
• If Electronic Funds Transfer is requested, appropriate EFT information should also be included

Reimbursement requests should be sent via mail or e-mail to:

Dorothy Mebane and Elissa Soares
SHRM Foundation
1800 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA  22314;
(703) 535-6219; (703) 535-6020

Grant Completion Requirements
To conclude the grant successfully, the following papers must be submitted to the SHRM Foundation:

• An electronic copy of the final research report. This report should be approximately 30-50 pages in length and should explain the study’s methodology and results. It should also outline and clearly explain any implications for HR practice. An article submitted to, or published by, a major academic journal may substitute for this report.

• A brief executive summary. A summary of no more than 1000 words, should focus on specific recommendations and implications for practice, and should be targeted to the HR practitioner audience. Explain the  generalizability of your results and give specific examples of how an HR practitioner could apply the findings. Summary should follow the format of current research summaries posted on the Foundation website.

• A one-paragraph media summary. A concise synopsis of the 1-2 most newsworthy findings from your study, for use in news articles and press releases.

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