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SHRM Foundation Research


Daily Fluctuations in Work Design: Impact on Employee Attitudes, Well-being, Emotions, Physical Health, and Performance 

Funded: December 2011     Expected Completion: January 2014

Adela Garza, Ph.D., and Fred Morgeson, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Although the design of work can have a meaningful impact on employees, most research has focused on a narrow set of work characteristics, examined a small number of outcomes, and implicitly assumed that characteristics are static in nature. The proposed research will address these gaps by developing and testing a dynamic model of work design. Using Experience Sampling Methodology and multi-level modeling, we will examine how 18 distinct daily work characteristics (over a three-week period, across three different organizations) impact daily employee attitudes, well-being, emotions, physical health, and performance and then identify implications for HR practice and theory.

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