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Why Employees React to HR Practices Differently: Using HR Practice Saliency to Explain the Variability in the Effects of HR Practices on Employee Outcomes 

Funded: June 2012     Expected Completion: June 2014

David P. Lepak, Ph.D., Kaifeng Jiang, Ph.D., and Sargam Garg, Rutgers University

The proposed study introduces the construct of human resource (HR) practice saliency as a key moderator in the HR practices-employee outcomes relationship. We develop a measure of HR practice saliency and examine our predictions with two samples. The findings of this study may contribute to the strategic human resource management literature by generating an explanation for the variability in the effects of HR practices on employee outcomes. This study might also have practical implications for managers to maximize the beneficial effects of HR practices on employees.  Hierarchical linear modeling will be used to analyze the data in two studies.

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