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SHRM Foundation Research


Proximal States of Organizational Participation and Withdrawal: Measurement Development and Theory Validation

Funded: December 2012     Expected Completion: December 2014

Rodger W. Griffeth, Ohio University; Thomas W. Lee, University of Washington; Peter W. Homm, Arizona State University; Terence R. Mitchell University of Washington

This project tests a new theory about employee withdrawal from or participation in employing organizations ([Hom, Mitchell, Lee, & Griffeth, 2012] Psychological Bulletin - ISI Impact Factor = 14.457). This model seeks to better understand and predict employee turnover. This model expands the turnover criterion to include varied types of leaving and staying states (i.e., enthusiastic vs. reluctant) derived from crossing dimensions of desired employment status and volitional control. This project develops and validates measures of these states, investigates their etiology, and assesses their ability to predict turnover types and destinations in a series of four developmental studies.

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