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SHRM Foundation Research


My Family Enriches Your Work? Exploring the Mechanisms of Supervisor-Subordinate Positive Crossover 

Funded: December 2013     Expected Completion: March 2015

Sandy J. Wayne, Ph.D., and Eric J. Michel, Ph.D., University of Chicago

This proposed study integrates family-work enrichment (Greenhaus & Powell, 2006), defined as the extent to which family experiences improve one’s experiences at work, and social learning theory (Bandura, 1969, 1977) within a dyadic spillover-crossover model.  Our study aims to identify how supervisor role modeling of family-work enrichment positively impacts the subordinate’s enrichment and work outcomes.  Two firms, a U.S. restaurant chain and an international building products firm, have agreed to participate in this study.  We plan to survey employees and managers and test the proposed model with hierarchical linear modeling.  Results of our study will provide recommendations for how leaders and their organizations can create a family-friendly work environment.

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