Building a High-Performance Culture
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Building a High-Performance Culture


Building a High-Performance Culture: A Fresh Look at Performance Management
Brought to you by Halogen, a leading provider of employee performance management software.

Decades of research and practice have been devoted to understanding and improving performance management in organizations. Yet the traditional performance review process continues to be painful and ineffective for both managers and employees. For many companies, the focus on improving formal systems has not achieved the desired results. In fact, research shows that what truly increases employee performance and engagement is not annual reviews, but the day-to-day process of managers communicating expectations, providing feedback, and leveraging employee talents. It’s time for a fresh look at performance management.

This new report from the SHRM Foundation goes beyond the formal review process to explore how leaders can create a performance-based culture using strategies such as improved communication and better relationship skills.  Summarizing the latest research and thinking on high-performing workplace cultures, the report identifies specific tools for promoting more effective performance management behavior in organizations.

The SHRM Foundation Effective Practice Guidelines series makes research findings easily accessible to HR practitioners. The reports provide practical, research-based guidelines for implementing effective HR practices in your organization.

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