Legacy HRMS Management

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Why Legacy PeopleSoft HRM Systems Are A Catalyst for Enterprise-Wide Data Archiving and Application Decommissioning

Legacy HRMS management is central to an effective data management strategy. Whether you have moved from PeopleSoft Human Capital Management to Workday, BambooHR, or another HRMS (or taken on a legacy PeopleSoft system through mergers and acquisitions), your legacy system could be impacting employee service, jeopardizing data security, and draining valuable budget. This white paper addresses how legacy HRMS management can help improve employee service, strengthen data security, and reduce costs through enterprise-wide data archiving and application decommissioning.

It covers:

• Problems created by legacy HRM systems

• The case for data archiving and application decommissioning

• HRMS archiving benefits for HR and IT teams

• When and when not to use PeopleSoft Data Archive Manager

• And how to lay the foundation for an enterprise-wide data archiving strategy

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