SHRM’s Guide to Immigration Technology

For a side-by-side comparison of systems, check the box next to each provider and the box above each of the system attributes you would like to compare.

* For a side-by-side comparison of systems, check the box next to each provider and the box above each of the system attributes you would like to compare.



Phone: 813-288-4666

University of Texas at Dallas, Siskind Susser, Cowan Miller & Lederman
  • Offers user-friendly interface, customizable immigration workflow options and online training.
  • Links necessary parties to cases so forms automatically populate with required information.
  • Manages forms, reminders, case notes and documents from one central place.
  • Gathers information for specific cases, such as N-400, H-1B or PERM, or adjustment of status, through customized questionnaires.
  • Keeps uploaded documents and notes in an easily accessible contact file.
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American Family Insurance, Allegiant, Carvana

  • Automated workflows track case progress, responsibilities, due dates and target filing dates.
  • Proactive alerts, e-mail reminders and auditable history help track timelines, milestones and documents.
  • Communication histories collect conversations for given applications or applicants in one place.
  • Compliance dashboard offers visibility into compliance hot spots.
  • Flexible permissions allow control over who is on communication threads.
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Phone: 800-617-4202


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  • Offers end-to-end immigration case management software.
  • Pre-populates immigration forms with information from attorneys or paralegals.
  • Moves cases from inception to completion through automated tools, notifies if work is delayed, and sends alerts about next steps.
  • Checks government websites for updated immigration forms using e-forms crawler.
  • Controls caseworker access to system, limiting which components can be accessed.

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Envoy Global
Phone: 312-736-0370


Grubhub,, CBS Interactive

  • Comprehensive view and actionable insight into all H-1B cap cases.
  • Visual spend-analysis dashboards to take the guesswork out of immigration budgeting.
  • Streamlined data collection and review by immigration attorneys for accurate, complete petitions.
  • Document management in a single, secure location to reduce bottlenecks.
  • Internal compliance audits conducted with the click of a button.
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  • Conducts immigration translations, including birth certificates, affidavits and other documents submitted as evidence in United States Citizenship and Immigration Services hearings.
  • Translates over 50 languages.
  • Features certification pages and specific formatting for government regulatory agencies.
  • Provides certified translations for administrative hearings, court cases and more.
  • Prepares documents that are certified and accepted by most federal and state agencies and hundreds of global courts.

$25 per page of translation, up to 250 words per page.

Phone: 404-353-5306

Contact company
  • Uses immigration data to help streamline processes, create benchmarks and improve business insight.
  • Generates historical data, such as time needed to complete each immigration case type, costs for cases and more.
  • Reduces unreliable data collection, manual audit tools and disparate databases, and mitigates lack of good data-governance practices.
  • Employs artificial intelligence and automation to reduce errors and decrease processing time.
  • Provides data visualization of high-level and detailed case information in a client portal.
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Phone: 925-244-0600


NCR, Texas Tech University, GlobalLogic

  • Comprehensive immigration case management with advanced compliance solutions.
  • 2,000 immigration forms and questionnaires for 190 countries, updated within 24 to 48 hours of release.
  • Customizable immigration petitions and process templates.
  • Built-in compliance management system for PERM, I-9, LCA, AR-11 and others.
  • Individual and bulk LCAs managed and filed electronically with the Department of Labor.

Standard package for comprehensive case management is $50 per user per month, with $199 setup fee.

E-mail contact:

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  • Allows easy posting, tracking and removal of electronic labor condition application (LCA) notices from a centralized dashboard.
  • Automatically creates a public, employer-specific LCA posting webpage that requires no coding or maintenance by users.
  • Automatically generates with each LCA posting an electronic public-access file that can be updated, tracked and stored in the cloud.
  • Features among premium offerings automatic LCA notice takedown, third-party worksite posting, white-labeling and customization.
  • Allows in-house immigration teams to post their own LCAs and law firms to post on behalf of their clients.
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Phone: 877-725-4355

Walmart, Mayo Clinic, Duane Morris

  • Comprehensive case management software for client intake, document storage and more.
  • End-to-end compliance software with full I-9 and E-Verify integration.
  • Easily accessible, up-to-date immigration forms and questionnaires.
  • Visa bulletin tracking system for fast reporting on applicants who may be able to file for adjustment of status.
  • Client web portal to securely enter immigration data directly from websites and other sources.

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Phone: 206-279-9067

Ally, Banzai, Avalara
  • Helps administer work visas for small and startup companies.
  • Pairs smart immigration software with experienced human support.
  • Assists in completing O-1 visa applications and provides updates with no need for immigration attorneys.
  • Administers paperwork and filing to transfer H-IB visas.
  • Reviews immigration information with clients using screen-sharing technology.
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Terra Dotta
Phone: 877-368-8277

Marquette University, Oklahoma State University, University of Florida
  • Manages and streamlines immigration application process for international university students.
  • Creates automated processes for J-1, H-1B, O-1 and other applications, and monitors immigration status for easy visibility by advisees.
  • Integrates with on-campus databases to track changes or updates that impact immigration records.
  • Locates and communicates with applicants and travelers worldwide.
  • Simplifies requirements though online checklists, automatic e-mail and SMS text alerts.
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Tracker Corp
Phone: 888-411-8757

General Mills, NASA, St. Jude Hospital

  • Immigration case workflows, questionnaires and templates are fully customizable.
  • Management of foreign national employees, from H-1Bs to interview timelines, is streamlined.
  • Automated reminders and alerts on deadlines and upcoming tasks are provided.
  • Tailored dashboards and reporting help identify workflow blockages and improve resource allocation.
  • Centralized portal management facilitates cross-departmental collaboration.
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Phone: 210-714-1312

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  • Offers credential evaluation services for immigration purposes.
  • Commonly used for U.S. immigration (USCIS acceptance), university application/enrollment and passport office usage.
  • Provides credential evaluations that are accepted by most U.S. universities and the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Evaluates thousands of degrees issued by many national and local governments in over 30 languages.
  • Accepts all common document types, including PDFs, DOCX files and photos directly uploaded from phones.
$85 per diploma evaluated


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