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Program Overview                                    Gallup_CORP_PW_g_RGB.png

Gallup has spent decades studying the world’s greatest team leaders, discovering the common strategies, principles and characteristics they all share. They have found that there is infinite potential in developing what is right with people versus fixing what’s innately “wrong” with them. As part of this program you will utilize the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment to analyze your personal strengths and explore how you can integrate these findings into your own management approach to build and engage your teams to drive individual, team and organizational performance.

Through this partnership between SHRM and Gallup, you will develop key behaviors associated with the Leadership & Navigation and Relationship Management competencies to gain the skills to foster collaboration and promote successful relationships among organizational stakeholders.

Program Objectives

  • Gain actionable insights into your own talents to help you optimize your strengths as a team leader.
  • Use your talents to individualize your management approach and develop your employees’ talents to improve their productivity.
  • Practice proven techniques for engaging your employees, including leading effective ongoing conversations that enhance team performance.
  • Create management strategies that yield higher levels of performance from your employees and teams.
Participants will also learn how to lead individual and team conversations that will help employees understand and appreciate their talents, build their engagement and establish performance expectations to achieve greater success. Participants will leave this fast-paced, two-day course with the tools, techniques and practical experience they need to more confidently and effectively manage in ways that create and sustain high performance personally, with each team member and with their team as a whole.

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This program is also available as a public SHRM Seminar.  

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