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Qualitative methods

The metrics used to measure value through the use of means other than numerical factors to quantify accomplishments, progress, shortfalls or specific results.


Quality assurance

Activities or programs the purpose of which is to demonstrate and ensure that products and services meet specifications and are consistently of high quality.


Quality audit

The process of examining the elements of a quality management system in order to evaluate how well they comply with quality system specifications.


Quality control

Activities or programs whose purpose is to ensure that all quality specifications for products or services are being met and are of consistently high quality.


Quality improvement

Any system or process designed to enhance an organizations ability to meet quality requirements.



One of three percentiles in a frequency distribution used to define one of four equivalent components: the first quartile is the 25th percentile, the second is the median or 50th percentile, and the third is the 75th percentile.


Quasi-public corporation

A corporation that is operated privately but is publicly traded and supported by the government in its operations.

Quick ratio

The measure of a companys liquid assets to current debts used to determine the companys ability to meet its financial obligations. The calculation is achieved by subtracting inventories from current assets and then dividing the results by current liabilities.

Quota system

In affirmative action systems, it is a means of attempting to achieve workplace balance by hiring and/or promoting specified numbers or ratios of minorities or women in positions from which they have been excluded. 

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