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Gantt chart

A horizontal bar chart developed as a production control tool in 1917 by Henry L. Gantt. Commonly used in project management, a Gantt chart provides the schedule as a graphical illustration that helps to plan, coordinate and track specific tasks in a project.


Gap analysis

A means of measuring and evaluating differences between the companys current position and its desired future position.


General corporation

A business structure that can have an unlimited number of owners or stockholders.


General ledger

A book of final entry summarizing all of company financial transactions through the offsetting of debit and credit transactions.


Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)

The common set of accounting principles, standards and procedures companies use to compile their financial statements. GAAP is a combination of authoritative standards and the accepted method of conducting accounting transactions.


Glass ceiling

The terms used to describe the invisible barrier keeping women from advancing into executive-level positions.


Glass Ceiling Act of 1991

An act meant to raise public awareness regarding the underutilization of females and minorities in certain positions within the U.S. workforce and eliminate barriers preventing advancement.


Global diversity

The various ethnic, cultural, religious, and class groups that exist within a global enterprise.


Global integration

The strategy that emphasizes a consistency of approach, standardization of processes and a common corporate culture across global operations.


Global leader

A leader who has the ability to master international business issues, set direction, effectively lead people from different cultures and nations and align global resources.


Global mindset

The ability to take an international perspective and be inclusive of other cultures and views.


Global team

A team of individuals from different locations in the global enterprise who are formed to address a specific business problem.



The term used to describe increasingly mobile organizations that are performing their operations in foreign countries.



An accounting principle defining the difference between a companys fair value and the aggregate fair value of its net assets.



A separate management system or leadership process used to lead, direct, command and control an organization.


Grace period

A set additional period of time a lender provides for a borrower to make payment on a debt without incurring a penalty.


Greenfield operation

A new operation that is built from the ground up.


Gross domestic product (GDP)

An economic indicator that replaced the gross national product (GNP) in 1991 as the primary of all the goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States.


Gross national product (GNP)

The value of all goods and services produced and imported in an economy minus exported goods and services.


Gross margin

The difference between marginal costs and sales revenue; calculated by taking gross revenues divided by net sales, expressed as a percentage.


Gross product margin

The difference between the price at which a certain product is sold and the cost of producing the product.


Gross profit

Defined as the amount of revenue after any associated sales costs have been subtracted.


Group of Eight (G-8)

An economic and financial alliance of the eight largest industrialized nations: Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States. Replaced Group of Seven (G-7). This group meets to discuss major economic and political issues.


Growth share

Company stock that has experienced quicker than average gains in earnings and is expected to continue to increase.


Guided missile corporate culture

A corporate culture that is high on task and egalitarian dimensions.

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