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Survey Findings


 Recent Survey Findings


NEW 2015 Employee Benefits
SHRM’s 2015 Employee Benefits research report provides comprehensive information about the types of benefits U.S. employers offer to their employees.

NEW SHRM Research Overview: Workforce Readiness and Skills Shortages
SHRM research suggests that many HR professionals are having trouble finding applicants with the right skills and qualifications for a substantial number of jobs.

NEW SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Programs—2015
Eighty percent of organizations indicated they have an employee recognition program, and more than one-half (58%) have a program that is tied to their organization’s values.

2015 Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report: Optimizing Organizational Culture for Success
SHRM’s 2015 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey examines 43 aspects of job satisfaction and 37 factors directly related to employee engagement.

The Hiring of 2015 College Graduates
This research collected comprehensive information on the prevalence of organizations hiring 2015 college graduates with undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Strategic Benefits Series
This research study provides information on the strategic use of benefits, with NEW data on wellness initiatives, flexible work arrangements and health care benefits.

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