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Survey Findings

Survey Findings 


NEW 2015 End of Year/Holiday Activities

The 2015 End of Year/Holiday Activities Poll collected comprehensive information on end of year/holiday parties, such as whether organizations have a budget in place, expected attendance and whether the event will be held on- or off-site. End of year giving to both charities and employees was also assessed.

NEW 2016 Holiday Schedules

The 2016 Holiday Schedules poll collected comprehensive information on the prevalence of organizations that plan to observe various holidays in 2016, including federal and religious holidays.  

NEW 2015 Strategic Benefits Series

This annual research study provides information on the strategic use of benefits, including wellness initiatives, flexible work arrangements and health care benefits, to recruit and retain employees. The study also explores methods to effectively communicate benefits to employees.

NEW CRANET/SHRM/CIHRS Human Resource Management Policies and Practices in the United States

The Cranet 2014/15 report on Human Resource Management Policies and Practices in the United States was produced in collaboration with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Center for International Human Resource Studies (CIHRS) at the Pennsylvania State University. Using data collected in 2004, 2009 and 2014/15, the report provides information on trends in HRM policies and practices in the United States.

SHRM/Ascendo Resources: The Importance of Social Media for Recruiters and Job Seekers

In the past year, nearly two-thirds of organizations (65%) had hired new employees who were sourced through social media sites.

HR Jobs Pulse Survey Report

These findings examine hiring trends in the HR profession, as well as HR professionals' faith in their own job security and ability to find work elsewhere.

2015 Employee Benefits

The 2015 Employee Benefits research report provides comprehensive information about the types of benefits U.S. employers offer to their employees.

SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Programs2015

Eighty percent of organizations indicated they have an employee recognition program, and more than one-half (58%) have a program that is tied to their organization's values.

2015 Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report: Optimizing Organizational Culture for Success

SHRM's 2015 Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey examines 43 aspects of job satisfaction and 37 factors directly related to employee engagement.

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The Aging Workforce Research Initiative​

SHRM and the SHRM Foundation have launched an initiative recognizing the value of older workers and identifying -- through original research -- the best practices for employing an aging workforce. This three-year initiative is generously underwritten by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.



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