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Changing Employee Skills and Education Requirements—Education Levels of Today’s Workforce

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Do employees and job applicants have higher education levels and credentials than are required? Overall, organizations across all industries report that most positions are held by individuals with education credentials closely matched to those required for the position. A large majority (96%) of organizations had job openings in 2011, and most of these open positions required either a high school diploma or equivalent (36% on average) or a bachelor’s degree (36% on average). However, for job openings that require a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent, one-third (33%) of organizations report that the newly hired employees’ educational credentials are actually higher than the minimum education requirement either most of the time or always, and more than one-half (53%) indicate these employees have a higher education level than the minimum requirement some of the time.

SHRM Research Spotlight: Education Levels for Current Job Openings

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 Education Levels of Today’s Workforce


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