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Employee Benefits in California—Flexible Work Arrangements

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The purpose of the Employee Benefits in California series is to identify the benefits California organizations provide to their employees and determine if they leverage these benefits for recruitment and retention. In this research, California data are compared with national data. The series consists of the following six parts: 1) wellness initiatives, 2) flexible work arrangements, 3) health care, 4) leveraging benefits to retain employees, 5) leveraging benefits to recruit employees, and 6) communicating benefits.

The use of benefits as a tool to recruit and retain employees at California organizations is not a widespread practice. However, some organizations now promote a “total rewards” approach to attracting top talent, which includes leveraging an employer’s benefits package. This strategy may be particularly useful for organizations that cannot sustain leading salaries in their market. 

View the results from the Employee Benefits in California series:


 Employee Benefits in California—Flexible Work Arrangements

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