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Historical Data

LINE® Data Definitions

MLINE - SHRM LINE Manufacturing index
MTEM - Manufacturing Total Employment
MEXEM - Manufacturing Exempt Employment
MNEXEM - Manufacturing Nonexempt Employment
MTVA - Manufacturing Total Vacancies
MEXVA - Manufacturing Exempt Vacancies
MNEXVA - Manufacturing Nonexempt Vacancies
MRD - Manufacturing Recruiting Difficulty
MNHC - Manufacturing New Hire Compensation MEE - Manufacturing Employment Expectations

SLINE - SHRM LINE Service Sector index
STEM - Service Sector Total Employment
SEXEM - Service Sector Exempt Employment
SNEXEM - Service Sector Nonexempt Employment
STVA - Service Sector Total Vacancies
SEXVA - Service Sector Exempt Vacancies
SNEXVA - Service Sector Nonexempt Vacancies
SRD - Service Sector Recruiting Difficulty
SNHC - Service Sector New Hire Compensation
SEE - Service Sector Employment Expectations



SHRM LINE historical data and its component indexes are available in both tab delimited and Excel file formats.

Definitions File

LINE Manufacturing Data - Excel File

LINE Manufacturing Data - Tab File

LINE Service-sector Data - Excel File

LINE Service-sector Data - Tab File