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Summer 2008 Managing Smart

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Life's Hard Lessons
Recognizing and discussing defining moments in your professional life and personal life make you a better leader. Those defining moments—called crucibles—can shape who you are as a leader. They ask leaders to step up and be someone or do something they have never been or done before.

Engaging the Disengaged
If your organization is about to undergo a major change initiative and you are concerned about retaining your top performers, use these five basic forces to improve engagement. Allowing employees to connect, learn, envision, earn and contribute forges a bond with the organization that increases retention and productivity.

Use It or Lose It
As we age, things we take for granted, like reading a business report, listening to a client at a noisy restaurant, dexterity for typing and other tasks, and some cognitive ability begin to fade. Managers can help themselves and their employees compensate through these simple tasks.

Working to the Beat
Music hath charms for many. Managers may want to encourage employees to plug in and power up productivity and job satisfaction. But it depends on the type of job and industry on whether employees should tune in.

Resources for Managers
Books to help managers do their jobs better.


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