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Spring 2014 Managing Smart

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Starting Off Right
Successful engagement doesn’t wait. The foundation work begins during the hiring process nd strengthens in the first few months of employment. Learn the tools to engage from the start.

Co-Pilot of Change
Being a driver of change will get you nowhere fast. Instead, leaders need to hand over the reins for part of the process. When employees have some control over a change initiative, it’s a much smoother ride.

Know What to Say
Employees, like all humans, experience betrayal throughout their lives. The emotions associated with traumatic betrayal don’t stop at the office door. When an employee opens up to you, know how to respond in a way that helps the healing process.

Controlling Stress with Connection
Lack of control can contribute to higher levels of workplace stress. That’s why nonleaders—those with less control over their work—feel more stress than leaders. Help nonleaders get back in control by creating a culture of connection.

Resources for Managers
Books, websites and software to help managers do their jobs.

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