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SHRM Managing Smart


Fall 2007 Articles

  • Uplifting Employees
    Building trust is not a one-off exercise; it must be ongoing and consistent but it needn't be extravagant. A little recognition and respect can go a long way toward raising and maintaining employee morale.


  • Deliberate Acts of Decency
    A company's culture can be molded by the cumulative power of small decencies. It's about the way leaders choose to behave -- the actions leaders embrace -- every day, especially during the quiet moments when we think no one is watching.


  • Thinking Outside the Team
    Internal team dynamics -- while positive -- can create a wall between the team and the outside world. Thinking externally can help the team adapt to change and deliver value to the organization.


  • Big-Picture Performance Appraisal
    Managers miss the strategic opportunity of performance appraisals by focusing only qualitatively on individual performance instead of quantitatively on the team and enterprisewide level.


  • Resources for Managers
    Books and software to help managers do their jobs better.
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