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Compiled by SHRM Online Staff  5/22/2015
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Economists Offer Career Tips for Today’s Graduates
Millennials, America’s favorite generation to hate, have racked up a lot of problems since the last recession. They've tallied obscene amounts of student debt. Rents are soaring. They're short on cash to buy homes. And a fast-changing job market has them rethinking how to earn their pay.
Bloomberg News

$1,397 an Hour! Top Paid McDonald’s Workers
Worker pay is taking center stage today, as protesters push for $15-an-hour minimum wage from McDonald’s. Here’s how the top executives compare. The top executives at McDonald’s were paid an average of $1,220 an hour last year, with the highest paid hitting $1,397 an hour.
USA Today

Essays About Work and Class That Caught a College’s Eye
Of the 1,200 or so undergraduate admission essays that Chris Lanser reads each year at Wesleyan University, maybe 10 are about work. This is not much of a surprise. Many applicants have never worked. Those with plenty of money may be afraid of calling attention to their good fortune.
New York Times

Your Employer Can Boost Your Retirement Income
Here's some good news for employees who have a retirement savings plan at work. Retirement plan sponsors can boost participants’ retirement incomes 5 percent to 20 percent by offering a formal program of retirement income in their 401(k) plans, according to a recent paper by the Institutional Retirement Income Council
CBS News

How Not to Praise Your Employee’s Work
Providing negative feedback is one of the hardest parts of any manager’s job. For example, you would need different approaches for a new employee who may benefit from additional training as compared to a seasoned employee who always gets defensive.

Can Your Employees Trash You On Social Media?
Employers may be surprised to learn that, under certain circumstances, their employees who use social media to discuss the workplace, even in harsh terms, may be protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

How Creating Tax Worker Credit Could Benefit Childless, Low-Income Workers
The earned income tax credit lifts millions of working families out of poverty, but provides little support to workers without children and some low-wage workers married to other low-wage workers.
Christian Science Monitor

Four Things Your Boss Should Be Paying For, But Isn’t​
Isn’t it time we reevaluate the employer-employee relationship? I mean think about it. You give them your heart and soul 40 hours a week. You’re working overtime, weekends, the whole nine.
USA Today

How to Know If You Should Work at a Startup
A young, smart software developer graduated from college and went to work for an early-stage startup no one had heard of, which provided an online service no one thought was necessary.
Christian Science Monitor

On-Demand Startups Aren’t Delivering on Promises to Workers
For all the criticisms of the 1099 economy—the cornucopia of app-based, push-button services provided by an army of independent contractors—becoming an on-demand worker can still seem like a very attractive prospect to lots of people.

Four Tips for Picking a Job from Multiple Offers
A common theme seems to be that when it rains, it pours. This could apply to just about anything, including job offers. You can go for months without hearing a peep from any potential employers and then the phone calls start flowing in around the same time.
CBS News

Massive Clinton-Era Internet Bug Shows Pitfalls of Obama’s ‘Backdoor’ Proposal

A shortsighted technology law is coming back to haunt us—in the form of a software weakness that exposes you to hackers. A Clinton-era Internet law is coming back to haunt us by exposing our private online messages to hackers.

Lufthansa CEO Advocates Random Psych Tests for Pilots
Random checks of pilots' psychological fitness could help reduce risks in the aviation sector, Lufthansa Chief Executive Carsten Spohr said in his first newspaper interview since the crash of a Germanwings plane in March.
Canadian HR Reporter

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