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More News from the World of HR

Compiled by SHRM Online Staff  8/26/2015
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Orders for U.S. Capital Goods Climbed in July by Most in a Year
Orders for capital goods increased in July by the most in more than a year, showing corporate spending was finding its footing prior to the turmoil in financial markets. 


California Poised to Pass Nation’s Toughest Equal Pay Law
The California Fair Pay Act would make it more difficult for employers to pay men more than women for work that’s substantially similar and would protect women from retaliation if they talk about how much their male counterparts earn.
San Jose Mercury News


Higher Support for Gender Affirmative Action than Race
A majority of Americans say they favor affirmative action programs. However, support is a bit higher for programs aimed at helping women (67%) than for those focused on helping racial minorities (58%).


Why Chipotle's 4,000-Worker Hiring Blitz Isn't All Good News (+video)
The burrito chain recently announced plans to hire thousands of new workers this month, as competition for workers in low-wage jobs heats up.
Christian Science Monitor


How a Toxic Workplace Could, Literally, Destroy Your Health
Amazon is just one example of how ruthless work conditions are harmful for employees, both mentally and physically. Workers in environments with demanding jobs and little control have four times the likelihood of death from heart disease and double the rate of depression.

Workplace Stress: When Are Women Most Affected?
Are women in male-dominating occupations more prone to poor health? A recent study says that most women working in such environment suffer from high levels of stress.
Hindustan Times


Workers Get New Tools for Airing Their Gripes
Usually feedback comes with names attached, but some firms are trying anonymous systems, too.
Wall Street Journal
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A Simple Workplace Perk that Can Strengthen Your Culture
Possibly one of the best things I have done to grow my team is our weekly “Eatin’ Meetin’.” It started as a reward for a great week, but I quickly found out it had benefits outside of sharing a good cabernet. This is our chance to talk about what we’ve accomplished throughout the week.


Fixing the Workplace: New Perks Aren't Enough to Change Outdated Office Culture
It seems that businesses are falling over themselves these days to cater to women who want to be or are mothers--IBM plans to ship home breast milk pumped on a work trip. Facebook and Apple will reimburse the costs for employees who want to freeze their eggs. But this new raft of “perks” shows how trapped we still are in a work culture that prizes total availability at the office at all times and how blind we are to the impact that norms at work have on roles at home.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Accenture to Allow New Parents to Travel Less for Job
Consultants who are new parents may be able to spend less time on the road after they return from parental leave.
Wall Street Journal
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India Inc. Takes Baby Steps for Paternity Leave
New Delhi—India Inc is increasingly warming up to the concept of paternity leave, with most corporates extending the duration of such leave to male employees. 
Hindu Business Line


Seattle Leads the Best Cities For Jobs For Millennials
Seattle is home to Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks, which all have strong hiring track records, and the city has a thriving startup community. 


20 Questions for Business Leaders
The entire history of management ideas can be seen as a series of answers to a few pragmatic queries.
Strategy + Business

How Much Money Do U.S. Families Need to Get By?
For families of four living in the 10 largest family budget areas, the U.S. median household income of $53,046 would fall short in every location, the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) found. “Getting by” doesn't necessarily mean a middle-class lifestyle. The EPI's calculations assume that a family will simply have enough income to cover their bills, but there’s no extra fat in the budgets that would allow for vacations or even putting aside money for an emergency.
CBS News


Tattoos More Common in the Workplace
NORTHERN MICHIGAN—In a survey, 31 percent of human resource managers said visible tattoos could have a negative impact on their decision whether to hire someone, but bad breath weighed even heavier in the survey. Because tattoos are not federally protected in the workplace, employers have control over their policy. Some employers have a strict tattoo policy that could leave you without a job.
Petoskey News-Review


 U.S. is Choking on its Traffic and It’s Going to Get Worse
The average American driver loses 42 hours a year to traffic delays, according to a new study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the traffic monitoring firm Inrix. When calculated by urban region, Washington ranks worst, with 82 hours of delay per driver.
Washington Post 


Re-elected Union Chief Vows to Fight “Very Hostile Congress” over Feds’ Benefits and Job Security
J. David Cox Sr. begins his second, three-year term as president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the nation’s largest federal union, with fights on his hands.
Washington Post



A Court Just Made It Easier for Gov’t to Sue Companies for Getting Hacked
Federal regulators can go after firms whose lax security policies result in big hacks and a loss of personal data, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.
Washington Post


10 Reasons to be Optimistic about India’s Economy (slide show)
Amid the global economic gloom, triggered by a slowing Chinese economy, most economists maintained that India's growth prospects were brighter than those of other emerging markets. Here are 10 reasons to be optimistic about our economy.
Times of India





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