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More News From the World of HR

Compiled by SHRM Online Staff  9/12/2014
California Becomes Second State to Mandate Paid Sick Leave
California just became the second state in the nation to give paid sick days to workers. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a measure that requires all employers to grant workers at least three days that they can use to call out sick and still get paid.

IMF’s Lagarde Says Women Vital for Global Recovery
Empowerment of women and equal opportunities are crucial for driving a stronger global economic recovery, and for revitalizing Japan, the head of the International Monetary Fund said Friday. The global recovery is too tepid and too turbulent, IMF chief Christine Lagarde told a gathering organized by the Japanese government and business groups.
ABC News

The Fortune 500 Can Easily Afford to Give Low-Wage Workers a Healthy Raise
With a little push, the largest U.S. corporations could improve the economy and the lot of its workers. If you went to your child’s nursery school and saw one toddler with 300 toys while most—including your own—only had one or two to play with, what would you think?

Survey: Companies Hold Back on Hiring Full-Time Workers
Steve Inskeep talks to Harvard Business School professor Jan Rivkin about his survey on U.S. competitiveness. He found many businesses prefer to use part-time workers rather than hire them full time.
National Public Radio

Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work? Usually Not
Most news coverage of the new Kaiser Family Foundation annual survey on employer-sponsored health plans has focused on the fact that growth in premiums in 2013 was as low as it has ever been in the 16 years of the survey. But buried in the details of the report are some interesting insights into how employers think about controlling health care costs.
New York Times

Three Reasons Employers Are Dropping Their Health Plans
WellPoint, the nation’s second-largest health insurance company, has lost 12 percent of its small group business so far this year as a result of small employer clients dropping their health plans. The insurer expects this trend to accelerate over the next few years. Why are these employers dropping their plans?
The Tennessean

Employers Stick with Health Insurance
Most Iowa employers continue to offer health insurance to their workers, even though costs keep rising and headaches keep multiplying, a new survey shows. "Despite the rising premiums year after year after year, they look at this as a necessary evil to attract and keep good employees," said David P. Lind, a Clive health care consultant who studies employers' insurance decisions.
Des Moines Register

Employers Brace for More Workers on 2015 Benefit Plans, Thanks to Obamacare
Employers are expecting an influx of workers who haven’t previously taken advantage of company-paid health coverage to do so as more mandates and rules are implemented under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new analysis of large companies.

Student Debt More Than $50K Is Rising
Janessa Robinson will soon join the "mega loan club" of college graduates with over $50,000 in student debt. The 24-year-old didn't intend to join those ranks, but her bachelors’ degree from Tulane University left her nearly that much in debt, and she plans to start graduate school soon.

HP Subsidiaries Plead Guilty in Bribery Cases
Hewlett-Packard and three subsidiaries pleaded guilty Thursday to paying bribes to foreign officials in Russia, Mexico and Poland and agreed to pay $108 million in criminal and regulatory penalties. The guilty pleas, entered in San Francisco federal court, resolved a long-running government investigation.

Picking the Best Location for Your Business
Choosing where to locate a new business can be a difficult decision for any entrepreneur. Do you simply stick to the familiar surroundings of your hometown, where you have your family for support? Or do you need to move to a big city to find a larger customer base, or to be part of a network of similar businesses?
BBC News

Relationships, Leadership, Pay Most Important to Enjoyable Job
Nearly one-half of Canadians (43 percent) would stay at a job that left them unfulfilled if they were surrounded by a great team, according to a Randstad Canada survey. Having a good working relationship with colleagues even trumped good pay and benefits when it came to evaluating what makes a job enjoyable, found the survey of more than 500 respondents.
Canadian HR Reporter

Jobless Rate May Be a Flawed Indicator for Fed Policy
The United States job market has been improving. But is it close to being good? That is one of the chief issues likely to be debated next week at the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. If it is close, and one traditional indicator seems to show that it is, then the time is near when the Federal Reserve should begin to tighten monetary policy.
New York Times

Under New Federal Rules, Employers Will Have to Report All Amputations
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is moving ahead with a rule change that will require companies to notify the agency whenever an employee is hospitalized for an on-the-job injury or suffers an amputation or the loss of an eye at work. Right now, companies have to notify OSHA only when a work accident kills a worker or gets at least three employees hospitalized.
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