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Compiled by SHRM Online Staff  1/23/2015
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Sony: Hack So Bad, Our Computers Still Don’t Work
Sony has been forced to delay its third quarter earnings report as the company struggles to repair computer systems that were damaged in a cyberattack tied to the release of "The Interview." Sony is asking regulators to push its official filing date back two weeks to March 31. The company says it needs the extra time to repair network and IT infrastructure at its Sony Pictures Entertainment subsidiary.

Executives in Davos Express Worries Over More Disruptive Cyberattacks
Executives from Target and Home Depot were not present at the World Economic Forum, where world leaders and corporate titans are rubbing shoulders and debating weighty issues.
New York Times

Ford’s New Silicon Valley Outpost Seeks Tech Talent
The earth-toned office building looks like any other here in Silicon Valley, an airy low-rise designed to let the California sun wash over engineers busy building the future. But this new kid on the high-tech block—Ford Motor’s new Research and Innovation Center — will have its work cut out as it scales operations this year.

Obama’s Big Bid to Change Sick-Leave Laws May Hinge on Small Business
In his State of the Union speech earlier this week, President Obama pitched a plan to boost what he called "middle-class economics." He asked Congress to help him make community college free, cut taxes for the middle class — and also do this: "Send me a bill that gives every worker in America the opportunity to earn seven days of paid sick leave," Obama said. "It's the right thing to do."
National Public Radio

How Obama Would Cut Childcare Costs
President Obama proposed three important changes to the way the federal government helps families with child care costs – increase direct subsidies for low-income families, increase tax credits for middle- and higher income families, and simplify the tax code (and offset some of the cost of the other changes) by eliminating flexible spending accounts for child care
Christian Science Monitor

Retirement Security a Priority for the Obama Administration in 2015
In the 2015 State of the Union Address, President Obama made retirement security a priority for his Administration by promoting the Automatic IRA, a retirement savings plan that originated at the Retirement Security Project.
Christian Science Monitor

California’s Troubled Jobless Agency Works Out Glitches
The state finally has stepped up its once-weak effort to get unemployment benefits more efficiently to nearly 3 million jobless Californians. After several years of pitiful phone service, late payments, computer gaffes and bureaucratic delays, the state's Employment Development Department—under new leadership—appears to be turning a corner in 2015.
Los Angeles Times

Workplace Policies: Recognizing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Employment policies: Do they keep organizations running smoothly? Or are they trouble waiting to happen? The answer to both questions is: sometimes. Human resources professionals spend a lot of time working on policies they hope will lead to productive, fair workplaces. Often, though, policies can cause more problems than they solve.
HR Hero

Businesspeople, Educators Seek Ways to Teach Students Entrepreneurship
At a time when fewer young people are starting their own businesses, some prominent businesspeople and educators are looking for ways to teach students to be more entrepreneurial. The latest initiatives often play down traditional tasks like creating a business plan in favor of preparing participants for broader challenges, such as how to get feedback from customers and knowing when to adapt products or business models.
Wall Street Journal

Higher Minimum Wage Wouldn’t Hurt Fast Food, Report Says
The fast food industry would lose neither jobs nor profits even if the minimum wage rose from its current $7.25 an hour to $15 over a period of four years, a new report from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst says. The working paper from the Political Economy Research Institute says $33 billion annual cost in higher wages and payroll taxes could be offset by factors including savings from lower turnover.
NBC News

Workers Sue McDonald’s, Claiming Race Bias
Some McDonald’s workers who say they were fired because of their race are suing the company, accusing it of dodging responsibility for the discrimination and harassment they say they endured. The workers said in a federal complaint filed on Thursday that about 15 African-American employees of some southern Virginia restaurants run by Soweva were fired last May after several white employees were hired.
New York Times

Tim Cook on His Way to the Billionaire Club
Apple CEO Tim Cook is not yet a billionaire, but he's well on his way. Cook's pay more than doubled last year to $9.2 million, according to a regulatory filing. His salary rose by a quarter to $1.75 million, and his bonus doubled to $6.7 million.

U.S. Factory Activity Expands at Lower Rate
The U.S. manufacturing sector continued to expand in January but at a slightly slower pace than the month before, matching the lowest reading in a year, an industry report showed on Friday.

Chinese Manufacturing Weak for Second Consecutive Month
Activity in China's vast manufacturing sector contracted for the second consecutive month, according to a preliminary survey on Friday. The HSBC/Markit flash purchasing managers’ index was at 49.8 in January, up from 49.6 in December.
BBC News

India’s Employers Offering More Perks to Attract and Keep Talent
iPhones, cars, first-time bonus, scholarships to Harvard and Insead, custommade Belgian chocolates for the children, international holidays, thank you’ notes from the CEO and more than 100 percent bonuses are raining down on top performers in 2015. India Inc is rolling out the red carpet for the best talent, hoping to keep the flock together.
Times of India

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