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HR Pros Recount Landing First Job in Field
HR practitioners filled SHRM’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages with more than 00 responses recounting how they entered the profession. Here are some of their stories.

Administration Proposes a ‘Cadillac Tax’ Tweak
The Obama administration plans to propose a fix for the Affordable Care Act’s so-called Cadillac tax on high-value health plans, providing relief in states with higher-than-average health costs. Critics are not appeased.

How Automation Will Change the Way We Work
Automation will help people work smarter and will give rise to new kinds of workers.

Employers Seek Better Approaches to Pay for Performance
Large numbers of employers say their pay programs aren’t effectively rewarding 
individual performance.


‘Persuader Activity’ Final Rule Expected Soon
Advice or persuasion—which is which? That question is at the heart of a long-anticipated Department of Labor final rule on when an employer must report to the government about union-avoidance activity that its lawyers or consultants engage in.

Auto Escalation Beats Savings Inertia, So Why the Hesitancy?
Not automatically increasing employee contributions could be short-sighted.

Proposed Changes to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Comments are sought for what would be the first substantial changes since 1999.




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