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Randstad Sourceright recently launched career transition services. The services are designed to provide transitioning employees with the support they need to continue their careers. By helping departing employees quickly find their next great career opportunities, organizations can reap significant benefits in terms of brand reputation, employee productivity and risk mitigation. |

Talkpush has launched a voice-enabled job candidate screening tool. The new recruiting and hiring tool uses recorded phone interviews to screen candidates quickly and improve employers’ selection decisions. The tool allows recruiters and hiring managers to listen to applicants’ responses and identify the best candidates quickly and efficiently. |

Right Management has launched CareerExpo, a virtual career fair that provides real-time interactions between employers and prospective employees. CareerExpo offers employers no-cost online access to skilled candidates in a variety of regions, industries and job skills. The platform allows recruiters to connect with multiple qualified job seekers almost instantly.
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Paycor Inc. has launched a new onboarding solution. The employee orientation and onboarding tool is designed to help employers meet the challenges of hiring new employees and bringing them up to speed. Rather than having new hires spend their crucial first days filling out paperwork, Paycor’s new Web-based tool allows employees to read and sign important company documents and complete personal information forms prior to their start date.
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A new Web-based e-book, Why Would I Want to Work for You?, is now available from iCIMS Inc. The publication is available for download and provides guidelines to employers on attracting the best job applicants possible by showcasing their corporate culture.
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Findly has announced the release of the Findly Talent Hive, an automated talent platform that acquires, manages, screens and engages job candidates so that employers can hire the right people more efficiently and effectively. By analyzing data on job candidates, the new recruitment platform automatically engages with job seekers in personalized ways that keep them interested in current and future job opportunities.
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Take the Interview Inc. has released its Interview Management Platform, which is designed to smooth the interview process and help employers identify right-fit talent faster. The new Web-based service standardizes interviews and is designed to simplify hiring procedures and streamline conversations that companies have with job candidates.
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FurstPerson has announced the release of FurstPerson Analytics, a Web-based solution designed to help small and midsize employers combine job performance data and candidate assessments to make better hiring decisions. The information collected by FurstPerson is displayed on a customizable dashboard that reveals current job performance metrics. HR professionals can use this data to make better-informed workforce decisions and to modify their organization’s talent strategies.
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Match-Click is a new recruiting platform designed to provide employers with tools to engage top-level candidates using audio-enhanced content instead of relying solely on text-based job descriptions. Every job opening posted on Match-Click includes short video clips from the hiring manager and colleagues. These videos can be recorded with webcams or smartphones, making them quick to record and simple to upload. | has introduced audio capabilities into the online job application process with its new VoiceCover platform. VoiceCover can serve as a “verbal cover letter” by allowing job candidates to tell their individual story and pitch their talents as they speak directly about their qualifications and experience.
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LinkedIn has introduced a new job search application for smartphones. The app is designed to create a unique and dedicated job search experience. In addition, the app can be a valuable resource to corporate recruiters by increasing visibility and distribution of their organizations’ job openings posted on LinkedIn. |

TripBuilder Media has released its new Mobile Recruit application. The software can help employers provide a wide range of information that is custom-tailored for job applicants. Mobile Recruit features personalized interview schedules, in depth-information about the organization, interviewer bios and feedback surveys.
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Ceridian has enhanced its Dayforce Human Capital Management (HCM) software by adding a new module called Dayforce Recruiting. This state-of-the-art recruiting tool is designed to help employers boost their recruitment strategies by creating a single application solution, accelerating time-to-hire. The module includes comprehensive analytic tools and operates seamlessly with Dayforce HCM products.
(800) 729-7655 || is a new high-tech employment platform designed to help employers use “big data” systems to get an accurate picture of labor market data. The Web-based platform allows recruiters to harness large amounts of data and analyze skilled labor shortages. With the data, employers can create stronger and more-focused recruiting strategies and can cut recruiting costs by reducing time-to-hire.
(727) 458 9811 | |

Peopletrail is now offering its products and services to individuals. Individuals can generate their own background check reports directly from the website. These reports can provide insight into what information is available to organizations that are conducting background checks on job seekers.
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Cangrade has launched Candidate Assessment Platform, an online software platform that can automate the hiring process and predict employee success. The assessment platform is designed to help employers make fair and objective hiring decisions as well as hire the best people based on future job performance predictions.
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Upgrades to the iCIMS Social Distribution online software program are designed to offer employers new branding capabilities for their recruiting and hiring functions. The upgrades include custom messaging, high-resolution images, and GIF files that can help recruiters better showcase their organization and its culture.
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DirtSearch LLC has launched a free application available on iOS and Android platforms. Unlike similar apps that allow limited free searches and require payments for results, the DirtSearch app allows users to conduct unlimited free background searches of individuals throughout the United States and store a history of the searches on their electronic devices. |

Take the Interview Inc. has developed new applications for its popular Expedition Program to help create the Digital In-Person Interview. This innovative program combines the benefits of digital interviewing with the value of meeting job candidates in person. Expedition Program participants will have access to the capabilities of Google Glass, which are integrated into Take the Interview’s popular Interview Management Platform.
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The Power-Up: Video Cover Letter has been developed and released by iCIMS Inc. Video Cover Letter is a simple and effective new hiring tool that allows job applicants to use a smartphone, tablet or webcam to record a short video showcasing their skills and work experience. Recruiters can then review the clip as part of their screening process.
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Talentoday has launched a career guidance tool and service for young professionals who are seeking work and the best pathways to success in today’s uncertain economic climate. The Talentoday services include career guidance, support and resources designed to identify an individual’s assets, strengths and motivation, which can lead to fulfilling and successful career paths. |

Peopletrail has expanded its portfolio by adding licensed private investigative services to help businesses conduct background checks and review their security protocols. The services are designed to guide employers toward making the right hiring decisions and to strengthen their organizational security measures.
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Hire Expectations Institute was recently launched by iCIMS Inc. as a redesign of the company’s popular educational website dedicated to innovation in talent acquisition. Hire Expectations Institute is designed to provide employers and job seekers with a complete Web-based resource for talent acquisition information.
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Jobvite has partnered with HireRight to create a new solution designed to help employers fill positions more quickly through social sourcing. The mission of the new partnership and slate of services is to help clients reduce time-to-hire, bolster quality of hires, and improve candidate and recruiter experiences. The services are designed to help employers meet the challenges of finding and retaining top talent.
(650) 376-7200 | |

Gozaik LLC has launched a platform designed to get employers’ job tweets featured more prominently in Web searches conducted by job seekers. The customized process allows employers to add one or more Twitter handles as well as to include specific work criteria, such as experience, skill level and job location. |

In response to a growing demand for online video capabilities, iCIMS Inc. has developed and released Power-Up: Video Cover Letter. With the video-based service, job seekers can record a short video using their smartphones or webcams. Recruiters and hiring managers can then view the video clip as part of the screening process.
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Collegefeed is launching a new service that matches and connects job seekers with corporate recruiters. With Collegefeed Connect, employers can automatically receive a talent “feed” of high-quality candidates delivered to their inbox every week. Recruiters can customize their talent feeds by setting criteria such as target schools, academic major and job experience.
(866) 660-7422 |  |

HiringSolved is a new Web-based recruiting tool designed to harness the power of social media and help businesses find the best-qualified job candidates. The tool allows hiring managers to recruit for all skill sets and to comb through candidate profiles that are hard to find or impossible to source through other systems.
(415) 767-0823 | |

Professional Diversity Network Inc. has launched Diversity Job News, an online news service that provides up-to-date and comprehensive information on diversity recruitment issues. Diversity Job News is designed to be an easy-to-use online resource that gives diverse job seekers information about employers and available jobs.
(888) 281-9066 | |

HireRight has introduced two new mobile solutions designed to help recruiters and applicants respond to hiring opportunities while on the go. HireRight Screening Manager Touch and Hire-Right Applicant Center Touch allow recruiters and applicants to manage background-screening tasks at any time, from any place and from any device.
(800) 400-2761 | |

MoBolt Inc. has released two new software applications, MoBolt Event and MoBolt Employee Referral and Notification. Both applications are designed to help enhance employers’ efforts to track and monitor high-quality job candidates.
(888) 972-8533 | |

Jibe Inc. has launched Jibe Recruiting Analytics, which is designed to give employers and recruiting specialists strategic insights into their organizations’ hiring practices. By tracking the full recruiting and hiring cycles of each job candidate, the new recruiting analytics tool can provide a new perspective on the effectiveness of hiring practices.
(800) 348-5423 | |

Whitetruffle has launched a new talent sourcing platform. The software is designed to help high-tech employers increase job candidate leads and connect candidates directly with hiring sources. Whitetruffle’s proprietary technology can scan nearly 50 categories included in candidates’ profiles and link results to job requirements to ensure that the best candidates are matched with relevant positions.
(650) 200-5870 | |

InterviewStream has launched a real-time Web-based communication platform designed to provide high-definition images, clear audio and secure connections for video-based interviews. The tool, called InterviewRTC, offers new levels of convenience and flexibility to employers and job candidates.
(877) 773-3164 |

Talemetry Inc. has announced an enhancement of its popular cloud-based talent generation software. The software upgrade enables employers to search and source candidates from multiple locations, improve candidate relationships, streamline job postings, build career sites and deliver an optimal job candidate experience from a single platform.
(866) 824-4418 | | 

Work4 has released Graph Search Recruiter Beta, a new staffing tool that uses Facebook’s graph search function to help employers identify qualified job candidates. The software offers recruiters a powerful sourcing tool and unprecedented access to a wide range of potential candidates.
(877) 509-0403 | |

Findly has launched Swarm, an employee-referral solution that uses the growing power of social media, online collaboration and gamification to help employers connect with top talent. The user-friendly referral process is designed to help corporate recruiters identify and access top-level candidates who can make a positive impact. |

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