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The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Co. has launched a website designed to help people better prepare for retirement. The website,, offers users access to educational resources designed to help retirement plan participants save and invest for the future.
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U.S. Department of Labor has launched an online toolkit to help workers identify issues and challenges in retirement planning. The agency’s Employee Benefits Security Administration developed the toolkit in cooperation with the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to help workers understand important decisions related to employment-based retirement and health care plans.
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Pension Advisory Group Inc. and Pro Financial Services have announced the debut of the Retirement Income Assurance Policy, a group long-term-disability insurance product. The program is designed to provide retirement benefits to employees who are disabled before their normal retirement age and no longer able to participate in or contribute to their employer’s retirement plan.
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T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services has launched an online toolkit to help retirement plan sponsors understand and fulfill their fiduciary obligations. FiduciarySource components include seven short training videos, corresponding print guides, and an online quiz that allows sponsors to test their knowledge and receive a personal certificate of completion.
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Great-West Financial has expanded its suite of retirement products and services for plan sponsors and participants. Great-West has included the Retirement Readiness Report Card and the Retirement Income Control Panel in its new retirement tool package. The Retirement Readiness Report Card analyzes and reports on participants’ progress in saving for retirement, while the Retirement Income Control Panel helps participants develop retirement savings strategies.
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HelloWallet has launched an online financial wellness assessment diagnostic, available at This tool is designed to help employers evaluate the financial well-being of their workforces. The assessments can provide employers insight into the risk of employees cashing out their 401(k) plans early.
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Corporate Insight has announced the launch of a subscription research service called Retirement Plan Monitor. This service is designed to track website capabilities and marketing materials that retirement plan sponsors provide to participants. Corporate Insight will offer subscribers an unbiased, firsthand view of user experiences when checking on or managing their retirement savings accounts.
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National Financial Partners Corp. has released the first phase of its mobile application, NFP Exec Mobile, for corporate executives who participate in deferred compensation programs. NFP Exec Mobile is designed to give participants access to their accounts anytime and anywhere via mobile electronic devices.
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Diversified has launched the OnTrack retirement reporting tool. This version is designed to provide retirement plan participants with a series of personal savings rates and help guide them toward retirement. The reporting tool uses vivid weather-related imagery to illustrate a participant’s current retirement outlook, and how altering savings plans can improve that outlook. The OnTrack report has been streamlined into a single sheet. This tool can give plan sponsors a snapshot of how participants are doing.
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Fidelity Investments has announced the launch of an online resource center designed to help workers on the verge of retirement make more-informed decisions as they initiate the process to collect retirement plan benefits. In a new section of Fidelity’s participant website NetBenefits, called Collect Your Pension, workplace pension plan participants can go online and initiate their pension payments in three steps. With Collect Your Pension, offered through Fidelity corporate pension plans, plan participants have access to online educational materials to guide them through the process of collecting pension payments.
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Rest-of-Life Communications has launched an online guide for employers that want to help employees plan for retirement. The Money for Life Guide Online is a free, web-based retirement planning tool.
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A web-based 1099 procession module has been released by The enhanced online portfolio was designed to streamline time-consuming tasks for benefits professionals and retirement plan administrators. The software provides an array of tools for thorough 1099 form processing. The software publisher,, is part of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, a provider of information and software solutions for pension, benefits and tax law information and software for business professionals.
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