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Performance Management

PI Worldwide has launched a new set of technology-driven talent management solutions. The Web-based tools include data, knowledge and support technologies, which are designed to help employers make business improvements through better assessments and placement of an organization’s talent pool. By using predictive analytics, the tools help employers measure the behavioral drivers and motivational needs of employees and job candidates.
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Populus Group has launched a redesigned company website,, to provide employers with innovative Internet-based tools and resources to manage their workforces. The site features resources such as white papers and case studies in addition to a new blog called The Summit.(866) 767-8587 | |

Taskworld Inc. has developed and released a cloud-based management tool that allows managers to organize projects, assign tasks and provide detailed evaluations on employee performance. In addition, a mobile application is available for the new Taskworld performance management system. |

Equifax Workforce Solutions has announced the launch of Employment Benchmarks. This new Web-based benchmarking tool is designed to give employers extensive insight into current hiring, pay and turnover trends across industries and regions in the U.S. and to help businesses make better strategic decisions to improve organizational performance.
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Hogan Assessment Systems has launched Insight, a new series of reports designed to give middle managers the self-awareness and feedback they need to improve their job performance. Insight is a three-part series that uses Hogan’s trademark assessment tools, the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey and the Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory.
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Cornerstone OnDemand has updated and transformed its popular talent management software suite into a single, collaborative and easy-to-use online tool for users. The update includes universal profiles that collect and analyze user information and activities from within the Cornerstone system. Other enhancements include a social collaboration platform and social performance and employee recognition tools.
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Talent Management 2 by Colin Coulson-Thomas is a new report published by Policy Publications. The 184-page document, available at, describes how employers can take a quicker, less expensive and more sustainable route to becoming a high-performing business by working with existing key and front-line workers.
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Ipsos InnoQuest has developed an innovation performance framework that identifies nine drivers for achieving innovation. Using the framework as a guide, business leaders can focus on key factors that drive innovation among their staffs.
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Avalon Consulting has launched ADEPTCentral, a service that provides learning and performance management expertise to academic, corporate and government organizations. This service is designed to help employees react quickly and adapt effectively to changing business environments.
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Infor has released the latest version of its software Infor Workforce Management 6.0. The version features a reorganized interface designed to deliver workforce data to users in an intuitive and easy-to use manner.
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Bersin & Associates has introduced BersinInsights, an integrated platform that uses research, management models, information and proven people strategies to help businesses benchmark with high-performing organizations. BersinInsights combines a variety of resources and then cross-references to pertinent data that can help employers find answers quickly and develop training and development programs that align with core business strategies.
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Visier Inc. has developed and released a comprehensive analytics application for business leaders and HR professionals. Visier Workforce Analytics is designed to help employers get a better perspective and more accurate picture of their organization’s performance. The tool can reduce costs by improving productivity and reducing turnover of top talent.
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Halogen Software has released an enhancement called Halogen Feedback. The module works with the Halogen Talent Management Suite and is designed to help leaders use feedback to improve the job performance of employees and supervisors.
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Activate Networks Inc. has developed and released the Personal Network Assessment. This assessment tool is designed to help HR executives streamline decision-making processes, promote innovation, remove bottlenecks and increase workforce efficiencies.
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Evolv has upgraded and expanded its web-based performance analytics software to help business leaders measure, understand and improve hourly employee performance. The new and improved Foresight software is designed to help quantify workforce quality plus identify and predict improvements for workforce performance.
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Visier Inc. has launched Visier Workforce Analytics, an analytic software tool designed to help HR professionals measure, predict and share critical workforce data. Visier Workforce Analytics can help HR professionals better align their HR functions with business strategies and objectives. It provides HR professionals a way to gather workforce data and then use the information to assess talent and predict employee behaviors. With this information, HR managers can find solutions to critical workforce challenges and help make talent management decisions.
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An updated Social Goals 2.0 module has been integrated into the web-based social performance management platform Rypple. Social Goals 2.0 is based on an objectives and key results model developed by Intel and now used by companies such as Google, Zynga and Spotify. Users can track projects colleagues are working on and adapt objectives to business conditions.
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PI Worldwide has introduced the Influence Skills Assessment Tool, which is designed to provide an in-depth look at the core skills required for influencing others. In today’s growth-driven economy, employees in all functions rely on the ability to articulate ideas, present clear and compelling plans, and get buy-in on projects and business strategies. The tool offers a way for leaders and managers in business functions such as information technology, human resources, quality assurance and risk management to build consensus, motivate change and improve organizational effectiveness.
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MetLife has announced upgrades and enhancements to its popular workplace productivity tool, MetLife Total Absence Management. MetLife Total Absence Management is available to employers with 1,000 or more employees. Enhancements include additional real-time, online resources for HR managers; expanded online leave submission for employers and employees; the ability for managers to subscribe to automatic e-mail notifications; and improved tracking and reporting functions. For example, employers have access to a wider range of custom reporting features that help identify patterns in employee absences, including reports on business operations, productivity and workforce analyses.
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StepStone Solutions has introduced a version of its popular talent management tool StepStone Solutions ETWeb. The updated version of the web-based tool features new capabilities such as an absence management function and an upgraded learning management module. The absence management function provides users a way to plan for workforce availability and staffing levels by accurately and efficiently tracking vacation time and sick days.
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Influence to Action Inc. has developed and released the Beyond Morale program, a tool designed to help employers engage their workers. The Beyond Morale program is an online resource that offers a system of measures, activities and processes for engaging workers and improving productivity. The program is designed to support employers’ existing performance management, leadership development and team-building processes and align HR processes with business strategies.
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