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Talent Management
SumTotal Systems has developed several new enhancements for its talent management software suite. The new and improved software, called Talent Expansion, features ways for employers to engage, develop and retain employees. The latest enhancements to the Talent Expansion platform are designed to help employers align training and leadership development programs with the company’s culture and to provide managers and employees with the tools and
information they need to develop their knowledge and leadership skills.
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PI Worldwide has launched a new set of technology-driven talent management solutions. The Web-based tools include data, knowledge and supporting technology, which are designed to help employers make business improvements through better assessments and placement of an organization’s talent pool. By using predictive analytics, these talent management tools can help employers measure the behavioral drivers and motivational needs of employees and job candidates.
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Cornerstone OnDemand has released the new-hire support tool Cornerstone Onboarding. The software package works seamlessly with Cornerstone’s popular talent management suite and is designed to offer employers a holistic approach for orientation of new hires.
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Diversity and Inclusion
The new video training program “Understanding the ‘T’ in LGBT: Gender Identity & Gender Expression” can help employees broaden their awareness of the transgender community. The program is designed to teach participants how to successfully interact with transgender co-workers and customers and to develop skills for building an inclusive workplace.
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Social Media
Terryberry has released a major upgrade to its employee recognition platform called Give a WOW. Give a WOW version 3.0 is designed to be more responsive and secure for users. The updated platform allows users to log in to a group page where interaction between and recognition of members are displayed on the group’s news feed in a social media style.
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Talent Management
Mercer LLC has launched a new technology solutions portfolio called Talent Impact. This talent management tool is designed to help employers make better decisions about managing talent by using advanced technology to combine consulting insights and market information.
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Global HR
Mercer has launched Mercer Belong Global Mobility, a Web-based management tool designed to create better connections among employers, global mobility talent managers and expatriate workers. By using an interactive user interface, the tool provides access to self-service applications that allow HR and line managers to stay connected with international assignees and to better understand global mobility needs and work cycles.
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Water Street Associates has launched its new Taxes Abroad program. The program is part of the company’s popular Taxes at Work initiative, which allows companies to provide a no-cost financial wellness benefit to all employees.
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Russell Reynolds Associates has launched a service that provides guidance on leadership and talent management for businesses that plan to open operations in China as well as China-based employers looking to expand and acquire businesses in the United States and Europe.
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Employee Engagement
PeopleFluent has launched Mirror Suite, a talent engagement tool designed to help employers reconnect with disengaged workers by merging video, analytics and social collaboration. Mirror Suite provides employers with data analysis that can help improve business strategies that engage employees and boost workforce performance.
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Survey Analytics has announced the release of FlashLet, a new survey tool designed to help businesses get an accurate picture of employee satisfaction and engagement. The survey analyzes employee feedback data that can help reveal trends in engagement and aid managers in developing action plans to boost organizational productivity.
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Chronus Corp. has released an update to its Chronus Mentor software, which is designed to help organizations start, manage and measure mentoring programs. Engagement Plans is a new module that can improve the return on investment of a mentoring program by guiding participants through the process to achieve program and personal goals.
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Edelman Inc. has launched its Employee Engagement Connections Index, a tool designed to help executives understand the strength, quality and drivers of the employee connections that are vital to business.
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Wayin and the Great Place to Work Institute have joined to provide employers a tool for gaining deeper insights into employee engagement levels. The vendors are offering new pulse surveys designed to augment annual employee attitude surveys and help employers monitor progress in areas that need improvement.
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The Employee Engagement Group has launched an online resource and management tool, called The Employment Engagement Library. The library features programs, articles and templates designed to help employers create a culture of engagement in their workplaces.
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HR Marketing
HRmarketer has expanded its suite of social media marketing and public relations tools with the release of ShareHRnews, a feature designed to help human resource vendors create branded social media platforms. With ShareHRnews, marketers can easily promote products with an online media center that houses press releases, videos, images, white papers and company profiles.
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