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What's New

ACI Specialty Benefits has launched MacroLife, a gamified engagement platform that integrates employee benefits, corporate initiatives and rewards to drive benefits utilization. MacroLife serves as a single point of access for all company perks, offering an incentivized, seamless benefits experience where employees earn real-time rewards for every benefit interaction.
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Talent Management
The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants has launched a comprehensive thought leadership library on executive talent on its newly redesigned and responsive website. The library features more than 300 research and white papers authored by experts at executive search and leadership consulting firms. The association’s new website also features useful guides on a variety of executive search and leadership consulting topics.
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Caliper Corp. has launched its new talent management tool, Caliper Analytics. The Web-based tool allows managers to adjust job requirements and duties on the fly and quickly identify which employees and job candidates fulfill a job’s competency model. With Caliper Analytics, users can adjust job functions and roles to get maximum productivity from current work teams.
(609) 524-1200 | |, a provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection technology, has announced the launch of ChequedImpact, a patent-pending HR technology tool that provides employers with critical early-stage feedback on the effectiveness of new hires. Using ChequedImpact, employers can gather real-time data soon after a new employee starts work. Through a simple automated process that can be engaged at a time selected by the employer, feedback is gathered from the new employee, the hiring manager and other key stakeholders. The resulting information helps to quantify how well the new employee is adapting to the job requirements and company culture, while also assessing the company’s return on investment through the hiring process.
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Training and Development
Paycom Software Inc. has launched Paycom Learning, a learning management system that formalizes organizations’ training processes. With Paycom’s single-database technology, employee activity in Paycom Learning seamlessly updates with an employer’s HR- and payroll-related information systems.
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Engineerica Systems Inc. has released AccuTraining, a Web-based tool designed to help employers track employees’ training and development progress. With this tool, training administrators can design development plans and then assign the customized plans to employees. Using a special application designed for mobile devices, employers can record an employee’s attendance at different training sessions by simply scanning or swiping the employee’s badge.
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Workplace Management
Ustream Inc. has launched Ustream Align, a video streaming platform designed specifically for internal business communications. The new communications tool allows organizations to engage employees around the globe. Viewers can watch securely on any device, in their office or in the field. |

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