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What's New

Workplace Management
Rocketrip has launched a travel management platform designed to save businesses money on travel expenses by rewarding employees for cost-saving behaviors. The Rocketrip platform includes controls and analytics so travel managers can easily customize and update travel policies efficiently. |

Compensation and Benefits
EP2S Compensation Solutions has developed a new health care program called EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards. The new program is designed to support organizational strategic business objectives, comply with requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and reduce an organization’s health care costs.
(936) 271-1544 | |

Paylocity Holding Corp. has released two new software programs for employers: Web Onboarding and Web Benefits. Both tools are designed to help midsize businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their payroll and HR departments.
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Permiso, from Pearl Travel Tech LLC, is designed to help employers minimize the hassle of complying with complex immigration and tax regulations by replacing expensive travel assessment services with easy-to-use software. In just two minutes, Permiso can let business travelers know whether or not they need guidance whenever they book travel. Permiso is designed to integrate directly with an organization’s HR, tax, immigration and travel systems.
(415) 531-7737 | |

Health and Safety
Stat Doctors has released a mobile application designed to improve health care delivery through “e-visits.” The new app is available for iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones, and can link users with board-certified physicians for on-demand treatment of minor illnesses and common medical conditions.
(888) 990-7828 | |

UpJoy has created a web-based corporate wellness application designed to improve employees’ attitudes and increase productivity through mood-enhancing, structured breaks. The service compiles images and videos based on user preferences that employees can view during scheduled breaks. |

Financial Engines Inc. has begun offering new Social Security and income-planning services to help employees approaching retirement age maximize their savings. The new offering is now available online to more than 1.1 million participants in large corporate retirement plans. In addition, the company is making its popular Social Security planner available to all U.S. workers, free of charge.
(800) 601-5957 | |

Monster has launched the Monster Message Center, a new feature designed to help job candidates manage communications they receive from potential employers. The new message center offers a secure electronic communication platform outside of personal e-mails and the telephone. The new service can help job seekers store, organize and reply to messages from one convenient web-based source.
(212) 351-7000|

Findly Inc. has integrated its new lead-capturing connector called Pollinators with its popular Keeper Applicant Tracking System. The newly enhanced software package is designed to help improve the way employers identify and recruit talent. By linking lead-capturing capabilities with applicant tracking, both employers and job seekers can benefit from a more streamlined, user-friendly and effective hiring process.
(800) 603-0680 | |

Cangrade Inc. has launched its Candidate Assessment Platform (CAP), a web-based software tool designed to help employers automate their hiring processes and predict employees’ success. CAP analyzes hard and soft skills to fully evaluate a job applicant and uses extensive data points to automatically grade candidates and estimate future job performance.
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