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What's New

Employee Engagement
Ace Hardware has launched the Ace Center for Excellence, a division designed to share with other employers the strategies and key principles of Ace Hardware’s award-winning commitment to customer service. The Ace Center for Excellence aims to help businesses improve customer service with keynote addresses and workshops led by Ace Hardware team members.
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Health and Safety
Onlife Health has released a new software application, AlwaysOn. This app for mobile devices is designed to help workers access and engage with their employers’ wellness plans at any time. With AlwaysOn, mobile devices become high-performance engagement platforms that seamlessly connect users to Onlife’s wellness portal.
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Businessolver has launched HealthTracker, an inclusive Web-based wellness tool that allows employees to track, manage and update wellness program activities. In addition, the service offers employers the option of selecting which wellness vendors they want to use and reduces administrative burdens and costs.
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Houserie Inc. has launched, a new pre-employment background screening tool for employers. By offering quick results and multiple screening options, can resolve several challenges employers often face when screening job applicants. is designed to deliver screening results to employers within 48 hours.
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Training and Development

Pharmaceutical Training International has launched game-based e-learning modules designed to provide engaging, entertaining and cost-saving ways for employees to acquire new job skills. The modules feature a 3-D virtual interactive environment that allows users to role-play scenarios and acquire realistic and practical experience through a virtual medium. The modules can deliver training courses at a much lower cost compared to traditional face-to-face programs. |

Cisco has launched Collaborative Knowledge, a Web-based training and development tool that provides employees with real-time access to learning programs and training experts. Collaborative Knowledge is designed to help employers develop a culture of continuous learning and innovation and to create skills development programs for employees.
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Business SoftSkills Military Edition is now available to help prepare active-duty soldiers who are planning to leave the military and transition to civilian life. The five-and-a-half-hour training course is presented in 13 video-based lessons, which go beyond instructing job applicants how to write a resume. The sessions are designed to help participants understand what private employers expect and to help them learn proper e-mail and phone etiquette to aid them in their job search. |

Findly has released the Workplace Reasoning Assessment, a tool designed to help companies of all sizes accurately identify job candidates and employees who have the necessary problem-solving and reasoning skills to perform their roles. The Workplace Reasoning Assessment was developed to give employers a way to effectively measure a range of job-related abilities such as logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, reading comprehension and the ability to apply information to address a variety of workplace challenges.
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Workforce Management
WorkForce Software has released EmpCenter 15.1, the latest version of its award-winning software package. The release includes updated features and enhancements designed to help employers monitor labor trends and quickly adjust to dynamic labor market conditions. With EmpCenter, employers can automate time and attendance processes, effectively manage employee absences and leave, optimize staff scheduling, gain real-time visibility into labor costs and productivity, and reduce safety risks associated with employee fatigue.
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