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Happy New Year! Get the year started right with HR Magazine. In our combined January/February issue, you’ll learn:

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Hear from HR trendsetters about:

The biggest stumbling block to diversity
Howard Ross of Cook Ross Inc.

The biggest challenge HR will face in 2015
Yashwant Mahadik of Philips
Stacy Donovan Zapar of Tenfold
Karl Heinz-Oehler of Denison Consulting
Tom Sondergeld Walgreen Co.

The one skill every HR professionals needs in today’s business environment
LeighAnne Baker of Cargill
Virginia Vega of Genetech
Ben Casnocha, author and entrepreneur
Mark Berry of ConAgra (formerly)
Mary Hough of SAIC
Matt Charney of Recruiting Daily
Donna Morris of Adobe

Management Tools: 8 Tips for Successful Interviews


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HR pros tend to focus on employees, but this year, make your own professional development a priority. Read our Book Blog and get started with help from two SHRM books.


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