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March 2014

Cover Package: Benefits

The Price of Health This article is available to members and non-members.
Forecasts vary, but health care costs seem poised to rise.
By Susan J. Wells

The Looming Rx Threat
Soaring specialty drug costs require an HR response.
By Tamara Lytle

Paving the Road to Retirement
Design your 401(k) plan to help employees achieve retirement readiness.
By Joanne Sammer


Q&A This article is available to members and non-members.
Stressed Out
Dr. David Posen explains how HR can help workers avoid burnout.
Interview by Donna M. Owens

Agenda: Relocation
Smooth Moves
HR plays a central role in retaining top talent through a relocation.
By Eric Krell

Advice and Analysis

Drunk driving liability, severance payments
By Margaret Fiester, SPHR-CA, and Edward Yost, SPHR-CA

HR Technology
Partnering with CIOs
An effective partnership between HR and IT leads to better technology decisions.
By Drew Robb

Legal Trends
State of the States
State anti-discrimination requirements can extend further than federal EEO statutes.
By Debra Steiner Friedman

Management Tools
Five Ways to Engage Employees in Change
By Rachel Bangasser

News You Can Use

HR News
Republican plan for immigration reform; no pay for changing clothes under CBA; unintended consequences of spousal-coverage shifts; more.

Executive Briefing
Are narcissistic bosses all bad?; 1 in 4 U.S. adults hold noncollege credentials.

Court Report
Female engineer lacks triable gender-bias claim; attorney fees award 25 times greater than damages upheld; more.

What's New This article is available to members and non-members.
Compliance; employee engagement; retirement; staffing; more.


From the CEO This article is available to members and non-members.
Becoming Employers of Choice
By Henry G. Jackson

Future Focus
Shifting Global Currents
International economic trends influence HR strategies.
By Jennifer Schramm

HR Magazine Book Blog This article is available to members and non-members.
Book summaries of Simply Managing; Low-Hanging Fruit; The Decoded Company; Financial Analysis for HR Managers.