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From the CEO
Greater Unity in the HR Profession
Vol. 58   No. 9

By Henry G. Jackson  9/1/2013
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At the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), we continually focus on two objectives: serving the HR professional by providing you with resources, tools and information to excel in your careers; and advancing the HR profession by identifying the most important people management issues and developing workplace strategies to address them. All the while ensuring that when business and government leaders discuss the most pressing issues of the day, people management and SHRM are top of mind. These objectives are enduring and will define the Society as a premier membership organization for years to come.

In July, we took a major step to solidify the Society’s position in the vanguard of the HR profession by bringing a premier association for senior HR professionals into the SHRM family of affiliated organizations: HR People & Strategy (HRPS). This union will enhance our ability to efficiently serve all levels of the profession.

SHRM’s global community of more than 270,000 HR professionals and global reach combined with HRPS’ exclusive community of HR executives will bring greater coordination and unity to the HR profession. This partnership will better position SHRM to have an impact on the practice of human resource management for business results globally, as well as deliver high-quality programming and services to HR professionals no matter where they are in their career. So, from the new practitioner to the chief human resource executive, they will all be part of a single professional community. In fact, our research shows that approximately one-third of HRPS’ national members are already SHRM members. Collectively, we will be a stronger voice for the HR profession.

If ever there was a need for a stronger, more unified voice, it is now.

Today, the economy is still creating uncertainty for our organizations. Globalization is challenging all of us to broaden our thinking and the scope of our work. Shifting demographics are adding a new dimension to workforce management. The skills gap is making it harder to find the right talent. Technology is turning the very concept of "the workplace" on its head, and the list goes on.

Together, SHRM and HRPS can share expertise and speak with one voice on the issues that matter to our profession and the business community.

This affiliation continues SHRM’s strategy of forming alliances to augment the resources we provide to members and the profession. The HRPS partnership provides a vital executive community with existing offerings tailored to that segment, including a widely respected journal, People & Strategy, and educational programs.

SHRM entered into a similar affiliation with the American Council on International Personnel (ACIP) in 2012. Our two organizations have exponentially expanded our global reach and resources, as well as our expertise and influence on global talent management and immigration issues.

We anticipate similar success with our new affiliate, HR People & Strategy. Welcome to our SHRM family.

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