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Request Reprint Permission

A reprint is a reproduction of editorial content that has appeared in a publication, independently printed from the publication.

Reprints can be ordered in two ways: hard copy glossy reprints or electronic in Portable Document Format (PDF). Glossy reprints are great for mailing and handing out, while a PDF can be used to reproduce editorial content on your website. Reprints are available for editorial content from HR Magazine, HR News, the Legal Report, any of the HR Disciplines, or Staffing Management.

The YGS Group provides reliable quality, expert customer service, and fast turnaround - direct from their facility. All aspects of the reprint process are completed on their premises.

If you would like to order glossy reprints or seek to reproduce an article from HR Magazine, HR News, Legal Report, any of the HR Disciplines, or Staffing Management on your web site as a PDF, please contact The YGS Group at 800-501-9571 or


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