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Trainer's Diversity Source Book

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Trainer's Diversity Source Book 
By Jonamay Lambert and Selma Myers

2004, 224 pages, Paperback with CD-ROM
ISBN: 978-1-58644-063-3
SHRMStore Item #: 61.12502


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The format of Trainer's Diversity Source Book brings a fresh approach to already successful training aids. 

Each of the 50 included activities establishes a positive environment and helps participants express themselves on the topic being covered, learn through experience and by listening to others. The Activity Matrix provides an overview of the activities, their purposes and uses, and whether they offer an expanded version for longer or more detailed work.

The creative templates for meeting announcements, participant invitations, meeting reminders, session evaluations and post session meeting follow-up messages save facilitators time and provide integrated, consistent messages, create pre-session excitement, and handle post-session follow-up.

Discussion and real-life case studies teach you how to:

  • Effectively handle discussions of value and beliefs;
  • Handle objections based on moral grounds;
  • Create a welcoming environment;
  • Avoid making judgments or placing blame;
  • Avoid common facilitator pitfalls;
  • Understand the facilitator's own stereotypes and other potential barriers.

The CD-ROM contains all of the exercise, handouts, prepared charts, quotes, and templates in the book.

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 Praise for the Book


"Much more than a manual of activities: A comprehensive guide to diversity training that will have a lasting impact on your organization. From how to handle difficult training-room exchanges to a complete list of diversity web sites, the volume is invaluable to novice and experienced trainers alike."--Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D., author of Making Diversity Work: 7 Steps for Defecting Bias in the Workplace

"Filled with activities that engage head, heart and hands in short, meaningful bursts. Invaluable, hard-earned tips from experienced facilitators precedes an integrated design framework. The book gives facilitators the instructions for the activity and the key debriefing points to pull out at a quick glance."--Dianne Hofner Saphiere, Principal, Nipporica Associates and author of Cultural Detective

"Connecting across lines of difference in constructive discussions that increase understanding rather than polarize is critical in creating more inclusive environments. The book does just that."--Anita Rowe, Gardenswartz & Rowe, and co-author of Diverse Teams at Work

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 About the Authors


Jonamay Lambert, founder and president of Lambert & Associates, Inc., has extensive consulting experience in corporate, government and educational institutions, and has designed and implemented training programs in diversity, leadership, and change management for both Fortune 100 companies and smaller organizations alike. She has written a dozen diversity trainer's guides, which are used by more than 1,000 organizations internationally.

Selma Myers has been an Intercultural Consultant for over 15 years for small and large companies (including Fortune 500 companies), non-profit and educational institutions, government agencies, and professional associations. She has lived and worked abroad, directed intercultural education programs, and designed and presented a variety of customized programs for clients who deal with cultural diversity in business settings. She has also directed expatriate adjustment programs in London and Peru.


 Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Overview

Chapter 2. Tips and Tricks of Facilitating

Chapter 3. Getting to Know Each Other

Chapter 4. Setting the Climate

Chapter 5. Personal Awareness

Chapter 6. Values

Chapter 7. Assumptions and Stereotypes

Chapter 8. Communication

Chapter 9. Diversity Issues

Chapter 10. Conflict Resolution

Chapter 11. Team Building

Chapter 12. Energizers

Chapter 13. Closing Up

Chapter 14. Resources



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