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Employment Termination Source Book


Employment Termination Source Book
By Wendy Bliss and Gene Thornton

2006, 246 pages, Paperback with CD-ROM
ISBN: 978-1-58644-066-4
SHRMStore Item #: 61.14500

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"I'm leaving tomorrow." "We're laying you off." "You're being fired for cause."

The employment of every person, for good or for bad, always ends. Where do you turn when you have to handle what can be one the most uncomfortable tasks delegated to human resources? The Employment Termination Source Book provides the tools and expert information needed to carry out employment terminations, some of which are by far the riskiest phase in the employment relationship. This book explores and has practical, adaptable materials to use in the many voluntary and involuntary types of terminations- from job abandonment to leave of absence, from death to dismissal, from retirement to resignation. The exit-interview materials provided can turn the job termination into a learning process to help other employees.

The authors offer HR professionals, HR consultants, managers, and employment-law attorneys expert guidance on all aspects of the employment termination process. Practical and legal solutions on how to handle voluntary and involuntary terminations are explored throughout the book. This is also the place to look for how to comply with the many federal and state laws that impact discharges and layoffs.

This book will help you

  • simplify the documentation of activities undertaken before, during and after separation; and
  • reduce exposure to legal claims using the tip lists, charts, tables, and flowcharts included in the book.

The Employment Termination Source Book includes a CD-ROM with all of the forms, policies, checklists, and materials in both PDF and RTF formats for easy customization. 


 Praise for the Book


"Practical, user-friendly advice about termination. This book provides it all: the what (processes), the why (laws), and the how (customizable forms)."--Nancy Campbell, Managing Partner, Business Behavior Institute and author of Writing Effective Policies and Procedures  

"Comprehensive treatment; practical advice; and simple, clear discussion of the law in a single volume. It will even help you handle voluntary terminations more effectively."--Ron Adler, President, Laurdan Associates, Inc.  

"Best practices" samples from "best practices companies," an easy-to-understand discussion of the law, and on-target advice about how to bring them all together in the real business world."--Mark W. Krivoruchka, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Maytag Corporation  

"The ultimate resource for legal, effective, and humane practices that maximize the employer's benefits without causing unnecessary trauma to departing employees. A sensitive, sensible, safe, and savvy approach."--Lester S. Rosen, Founder of Employment Screening Resources and author of The Safe Hiring Manual  

"Another great tool for the manager's tool kit!"--Mary Cheddie, SPHR, Senior vice President, People, PRC


 Table of Contents

PART 1: The Employment Termination Process
Chapter 1. Fundamentals
Chapter 2. Legal Issues
Chapter 3. Preparing for Terminations  
Chapter 4. Conducting Terminations  
Chapter 5. Dealing With Post-Termination Challenges
PART 2: Samples
A. Termination Policies and Procedures
B. Other Policies Related to Termination
C. Employee Acknowledgment and Authorization Forms
D. Checklists
E. Termination Process Worksheets and Records  
F. Termination Notices and Letters
G. Separation Agreements and Releases  
H. Employee Separation Packet Materials  
I. Exit Interview Tools
J. COBRA Notices
K. HIPAA Certificate
L. WARN Notices

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 About the Authors


Wendy Bliss, J.D., SPHR is an attorney and founder of Bliss & Associates Consulting in Colorado Springs. An expert on issues, trends and best practices in HR and employment law, she conducts seminars and in-house training throughout the United States. ABC News 20/20, CNN Financial News, Time and the New York Times are among the national news media that have sought her comments. Her articles on workplace issues have appeared in HR Magazine, HR Matters, Employment Management Today and other publications. Bliss is the author of Legal, Effective References and the series content advisor for the Business Literacy for HR Professionals series.

Gene Thornton, Esq., PHR has practiced law for over 18 years and is a veteran employment law attorney. Thornton has published seven articles in business journals on topics such as: employment at will, payments due on termination, non-compete agreements, and employee handbooks. Additionally, Thornton has lectured extensively to business professionals and employment lawyers on numerous employment law topics. Thornton is qualified as an employment law arbitrator for the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. Both authors live and work in Scottsdale, Arizona.