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Retaining Your Best Employees: Nine Case Studies from the Real World of Training



Edited by Patricia Pulliam Phillips



2002, 179 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-56286-320-3

SHRMStore Item #: 61.14501

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RETAINING LOYAL, HIGH-PERFORMING EMPLOYEES IS A CHALLENGE. How do you learn what works in your organization for your employees? Most organizations struggle to identify the best retention tools -- and even struggle with how to identify those tools and how many to use.

Retaining Your Best Employees serves as a casebook documenting how nine companies identified, implemented, and measured their retention efforts. The wide variety of ideas, systems, processes, and models will help you identify and measure your own best tools. Tools and systems covered include recognition, innovative training practices, selection testing, and corporate culture.

Co-published by SHRM and ASTD.

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 Table of Contents




Why Retention Is a Serious Problem...Still

Managing Employee Retention Through Recognition (Wireless Communications Company)

Measuring the Impact of an Amenities Center on Attrition, Attendance and Performance (Capital One)

A Strategic Approach to Retention Improvement (Southeast Corridor Bank)

Stop Trying to Manage Turnover (CellCo)

Reinvigorating a Mature Company (Monical Pizza Corporation)

Increasing Retention Through Selection Testing (Niagra Mohawk--A National Grid Company)

Using Innovative Training Practices to Retain Key Employees (CITE Fine Dining)

Culture Maters! Retaining Employees and Increasing Profitability (Happy Airways)

Using an Internal Degree Program to Reduce the Turnover of Technical Specialists: An ROI Approach (Federal Information Agency)




 About the Editor


Patricia Pulliam Phillips is chariman and CEO of The Chelsea Group, a research and consulting company focused on accountability issues in training, HR and performance improvement. Phillips conducts research on accountability issues and works with clients to build accountability systems and processes in their organizations. She is certified in ROI evaluation. She is the co-author of several books including Proving the Value of HR