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Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies: Email, Blogs, Cell Phones and More, second edition


Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies: Email, Blogs, Cell Phones and More, second edition
By Lisa Guerin

2011, 225 pages, Paperback with CD-ROM
ISBN: 978-1-4133-1326-0
SHRMStore Item #: 61.15009-2

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The technology wave is just beginning. Nearly every day a new device -- or an innovative way to use something we've already got -- promises to make our lives better and to revolutionize the way we work. Regardless of how technology evolves, one thing remains constant: New technology brings new and definable risks for employers. The risk of misuse -- whether accidental or intentional -- increases the risk of liability. That's why it's so important that any business that employs both people and computers create a safe and sensible policy for the appropriate use of technologies in the workplace.

Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies provides the tools HR professionals need to assess their current policies' effectiveness, along with information on how to draft or revise, then distribute, communicate, and enforce your new customized policies.

Protect your business with a policy that addresses:

  • protection of trade secrets
  • customer, employer, and employee privacy
  • management of electronic documents and tools
  • limiting liability for employee misconduct
  • conserving company resources

The second edition includes a timely new chapter on social media. It provides guidance on postings, authorship and disclaimers, and how to handle comments.

The forms on the included CD-ROM cover

  • Computer and Software Use Policy
  • E-mail Policy
  • Internet Policy
  • Instant Messaging Policy
  • Blogs and Personal Posting Policy
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Portable Computing Device Policy
  • Camera Phone Policy
  • Electronic Communications and Equipment Policy Acknowledgment Form
  • Company-Sponsored Social Media Policy

Co-published with Nolo.


 About the Author

Lisa Guerin is an employment law attorney and legal editor and author specializing in employment law. She is the author or co-author of several books, including The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws and The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations.

 Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Drafting Effective Technology Policies

Chapter 2. Computers and Software

Chapter 3. Email

Chapter 4. Internet Use

Chapter 5. Instant Messaging

Chapter 6. Blogs and Beyond: Personal Posting on the Internet

Chapter 7. Company-Sponsored Social Media

Chapter 8. Cell Phones

Chapter 9. Portable Computing Devices: PDAs, Laptops, and Beyond

Chapter 10. Cameras and Camera Phones



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